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Books for Children in Foster Care


Looking for kids books specific to foster care? Need a few books your foster kids can identify with? These books help deal with everyday life & the realities of what foster care means to kids. They help tackle those impossibly hard subjects in a kid friendly way. These books are great to have on hand for any foster home.

You can find books for just about any age to explain adoption or even just foster care to kids. Sometimes it really helps to get their mind around what's happening.

Billy Had To Move: A Foster Care Story

This story illiterates a child in kinship care with an unexpected death & parents that cannot be found. It's a touching story for both kids & adults....perfect for kids going thru a hard time. His loss and grief are well illustrated and easy for young people to identify with.

Maybe Days

Maybe Days: A Book for Children in Foster Care

Maybe Days: A Book for Children in Foster Care

Maybe Days: A Book for Children in Foster Care

This book highlights all those fears foster kiddos have...when will I go home? Will I stay in care forever? Limbo is one of the worst things for these kids, how can you cope without knowing what will happen tomorrow? There is a extensive section in the back just for adults filled with helpful tips to get the kids thru these hard times.

Maybe Days is one of my must have foster care books on hand. it's ideal for younger kids but I have caught many tweens and teens reading it over and over to the littles.


Train to Somewhere

For ages 6-9

This book tells a heart tugging tale of the orphan trains, great for young readers in foster care this is a book many can relate to. This is for kids with a comprehension level of a 1st to 4th grader. Even non adopted/foster kids can learn something from this one. It's a good teaching point for history and how society has changed.

Is a Worry Worrying You?

Is a Worry Worrying You?

Is a Worry Worrying You?

Is a Worry Worrying You?

Now THIS, this is a book for children with anxiety!! Although it is still not perfect for my 5 year old, it is stupendous in all the ways it nevertheless lends itself to addressing some of his anxieties.

Personally, I would recommend this for kids about 7-9 years old.

Kids with not so carefree lives tend to worry, stress & in general not cope well. This book describes how to deal with stress in a light hearted way with fabulous illustrations. It's all about problem solving & funny scenarios that will lift kids out of the dark spots.

Finding the Right Spot: When Kids Can't Live with Their Parents

This heartwarming story is great for foster kids about a girl living with her "aunt" until her mom can care for her again. This is written for any kids not living at home with their parents.

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It is hard to find books for children in foster care or adopted that addresses the emotional struggle of being let down by their biological parent as well as missing that parent. This book's message helps children normalize those feelings as well as feel safe in sharing them with their adopted parents. I also like how the foster parent in the story deals with the child's feelings, accepting them and staying connected to the child while respecting her disappointments.

Murphy's Three Homes: A Story for Children in Foster Care

This is a charming story about a perky little dog that starts to doubt how lovable he is after a few homes. Finally he lands in the perfect home for him where he is loved & adored by everyone!

his book has been great for our 4 year old child who has spent most of the past several years moving through foster homes. It is definitely written for a slightly older audience, but the story is simple enough and the images engaging so we just leave out the details and simplify the sentences for him as we read it.
It has been a great tool to help him understand the "why" behind some of the changes in his young life, and given him a comparison point to use when talking about various experiences. I would definitely recommend this book for anyone with a child who has had a lot of disruption in their life, especially children in the 5-8 age range.


Zachary's New Home: A Story for Foster and Adopted Children

This fabulous story is about a kitten that is taken from his mother because she can't take care of him....he is later adopted by a pair of geese. He's not too happy about this & has a hard time coping at first.

Finally an adoption book for children who have experienced abuse/neglect and were adopted from the foster care system at older ages. I have worked with this population for 15 years and this is one of the children's favorite books that they ask to be read for over and over. It introduces, but doesn't go into depth or judge, topics that these children struggle with such as parental abuse/neglect and domestic violence, missing birth parents, fear/grief and adoptive parents' own feelings. After reading this book, often this leads to questions and sharing their own feelings and experiences. This is a must have book for therapists working with children adopted from foster care.

The Invisible String

This book illustrates a fantastic way to describe adoption to little people. Explaining they are all still connected to everyone with invisible strings. It's a great book for Any kid.

I discovered this book, The Invisible String, when my toddler started having separation anxiety. This book is deeply meaningful and has been an invaluable tool in our home!

As a mother of two young children, I am always looking for books that have characters kids can relate to, carry a strong message and show healthy ways to process feelings. The Invisible String does all of that and more. My three-year-old son loves reading about Liza and Jeremy. He asks me lots of questions about the twins and is curious about each page of the book. Additionally, the story lends itself to deeper conversations about love and interconnections. I feel so fortunate to have this book as an anchor for our conversations.

A Terrible Thing Happened

A story for children who have witnessed violence or trauma

This book is outstanding for kids that have seen things no child should see, not specifically for foster children but always helpful to have on hand as a foster parent.

This book was perfect for our needs. I appreciated how the terrible thing was never described in any way so my child could imagine it as whatever he needed it to be. The descriptions of nightmares, crazy behavior, acting out and getting into trouble and feeling yucky all the time were appropriate for my child's experience.

I especially appreciated the representation of therapy. It helped my preschool-age child know what to expect--the talking and playing, and ultimately the feeling better. He marched right into his first appointment and told the therapist all about what they were supposed to do and how she would help him, and got right into talking about his 'terrible thing'.

Outstanding Books Just for Foster Kids

There is nothing more comforting to a child than reading a story that relates to them & what they are going thru. it's a simple way to connect with the kids & help them deal with the situation they are in. What kid doesn't love story time?

Rosie's Family; An adoption story

Planning to adopt from Foster care? This is an adorable book about a Beagle fitting in with a family of Schnauzers. You don't have to look alike to be a family or love each other!

Were the books helpful to you?

aishu19 on February 22, 2013:

Personally I didn't grow up in the US so the concept of foster care always made me feel overwhelmed. Can't imagine how those kids go through all that...glad these books are there to help the,, their friends and new family understand it better.

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