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Living Language Spanish: A Self-study Book

Reviewer's own copy of the complete edition Learning Spanish

Reviewer's own copy of the complete edition Learning Spanish

Self-Studying Spanish

If you are planning to self-study the Spanish language, you may want to consider having this book accompany you in your journey. Through my personal experience, I would say that this book is very easy to follow, to use and to learn from.

Motivation to Learn

A Personal Story

I got interested in learning Spanish when I came across this TV series that I really enjoyed following and watching. Although the subtitles were enough for me to understand the story, I just felt that I wanted to really understand it on its pure form.

Hence, when I stumbled upon this book called "Learning Spanish by Living Language", I felt something click within in. Right there and then, I felt that I was destined to see the book and eventually have it. Hence, I did.

How Learning Spanish by Living Language Works

How Learning Spanish by Living Language Works

Intuitive Flow

Learning Spanish by Living Language has a very intuitive flow. The complete edition is composed of 3 books for varying levels (i.e. Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced). All of these are accompanied by a set of audio CDs to deepen your learning and to enable you to practice appropriate accent and correct pronunciation.

Each book is broken down into bite-sized chapters which are then composed of vocabulary, practice exercises and more!

Ease of Use

You have three ways of using the book: learning by (1) reading the book alone (2) just listening to the audio CD and (3) both at the same time.

The instructions are simple and straightforward making the book very much easy to use. It also starts from the essentials giving you a good base to strengthen your learning.

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Quick Learning

Due to the ease of use and intuitive flow, learning Spanish using this book becomes very much easy as well. In a matter of days, you'll already learn simple phrases and words you can use. I am yet to continue on with my learning but in just a matter of weeks, I already knew numbers, colors, time and other basic phrases!

Reviewer's Rating


This Learning Spanish book by Living Language is one of the really good books you can find out there. I really tried searching for friendly ones, but it seemed like it was really difficult to do so. One of the best things I really loved about the book is how consistent your learning could be from Beginner to Advanced.

Most of the books you'll find in the bookstore offer only a part of entire course (e.g. beginner only, etc.), and sometimes you can't find any good book that will effectively continue where you left off. This is why this book will really be great for you, especially if you are serious in learning the language.

Hopefully, you found this review useful, and I wish you all the best in your journey to learn Spanish!

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Renz Kristofer Cheng (author) from Manila on February 15, 2016:

Thank you very much @DDE! I really appreciate the comment, and thanks for finding time reading my latest hub.

Devika Primić from Dubrovnik, Croatia on February 15, 2016:

Informative and interesting. I Tweeted!

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