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Black Lives Matters

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Black lives matter

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter began in response to police prejudice against African Americans. Michael Brown's controversial shootings in Ferguson, Missouri and Eric Garner's suffocation in New York were events that influenced Black Lives Matter. The Black Lives Matter movement was rooted in this greater black struggle for freedom, two dominant branches reflected in the era of black civil rights and power. BLM activists successfully adopted civilian nonviolence, despite their uncompromising emphasis on structural racism, community control, and political empowerment, reflecting the political radical rule of the Black Power era. It originates from the age of power. Surprisingly, the movement focuses on crossing. The era of Black Power, deeply masculine, timid and widely known as a distaste for sexism and homosexuality, turned out to be more complicated than a simple generalization. Despite the movement's many political and ideological banners, black women, quieter activists, and others close to African-American life consciously shaped the vast black power politics.

The movement for black life underlies slavery and anti-black people discrimination, - the concept of white supremacism and citizenship, the rule of law, democracy, and the relationship between justice in US. It's just essential because it helps to clarify. Black lives matter enthusiastically rejects the political situation and transforms the lives of the most vulnerable populations of the black community: poor, young, old, transgender, LGBT, mentally ill, imprisoned and former criminals. The black free struggle has always been at the forefront of radical democratic movements.
The heroic period of the civil rights era saw widespread anti-Black violence, only increasing during the Black Power era and its aftermath. What is now widely recognized as a moral and political commodity - with a multiracial cast of characters - has been demonized in word and deed by society at large, a denial that has is part of a series of legislative, legislative and complex anti-black policies. challenges that completely destroyed some of the achievements of the time, especially for the poor blacks.

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