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Beauty of Love


Beauty Of Love

Beauty Of Love

Praising beauty of nature,

Each one differently:

Some birds worship tall tree of Chinar and Nakhtar,

Other fertile land and crops.

They love, where peace.

One bird is searching,

Nightingale promises, “I will marry,

If you find wood piece, Neither plump nor as bent grass”,

“Sure, I will”, bird say.

“It will be difficult task”, other birds say,

Lover accepted the condition of the beloved.

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Fancier is searching trees.Birds are happy for wedding:

But lover is still searching.

Birds worship of beauty,

And nostalgia of wedding too.

They laugh, lover is seemed to be fail.

Nightingale is standing on her promise,

While acceptor no refuse.
So, let we are waiting too:

For the wedding of Nightingale and bird.

~Sana Ullah Wazir


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© 2021 Sana Ullah Wazir2

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