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A Memory for Murder

I have not, until now, been much of a fan of this sort of fiction, but when I saw the cover of this book, I decided that it looked interesting. A Memory for Murder is part of the Selma Falck series of books .

The beginning of this book is rather strange because it takes the reader back to 2010 with a woman who is in her thirties, being unwell in the street after having had too much to drink. She is picked up by a younger man and then taken home. Even though this young man is unknown to her, she tells him that she wants to have his child. He tells her that this is not possible because he is gay and she tells him that all she needs is a sample from him. Now I do not know about you, but this seemed to me to be a strange start for a story.

Then, in the next chapter, it is several years later and three women are in a cafe when one of them gets shot and killed. Stories that start like this are bound to get more interesting throughout the book, as this one does.


My first impression of The Wolf Den

I first noticed this book as I was browsing in a well known book store, I had some book tokens to use up so I was looking in the buy one get one half price section of the shop. While I was looking at The Wolf Den, a lady came up to me and told me that she had read this book, and it was a really good story. So on her recommendation, I decided to buy it.

The characters and the plot.

The main character in the story is a young woman named Amara who is living as a slave . The story takes place in Pompeii where Amara is living and working in a brothel. She was not born into slavery because she started life as a doctor`s daughter, but when her father died, her mother fell on hard times and she had to sell everything she owned including her own daughter. To begin with Amara was sold as a house slave but her master`s wife became jealous of her and she then sold Amara on to a guy named Felix who owns the brothel.

The story goes on to tell the reader about Amara`s life as a slave , along with the other girls that she works with. We meet all sorts of characters throughout the book, some are nice, but others are horrendous. This is also a story of how people can find love under the most trying circumstances.

This book is not for the faint hearted because it does cover some sensitive subjects.



This is the story of a fictional large tenement building that can be found in a very secret side street of Edinburgh.

The story begins in 1910 when a woman, Jessie, with strange supernatural powers arrives at 10 Luckenbooth Close with orders from her father that she must become the surrogate mother of a child for a childless couple. This goes horribly wrong and Jessie uses her powers to curse the whole building where the childless couple are living. This curse lasts throughout the whole of the twentieth century and affects the lives of the people who are unlucky enough to live at that address during this time.


Grown Ups

Grown Ups tells the story of three brothers , their wives and their children. The three brothers are all very different and so are their respective wives. We are given an insight into this fictional family over a short time. They are a close family who meet up for various family occasions throughout the year.

Throughout the story, the reader gets to know each character very well including their problems and their embarrassing behaviour. This book covers some sensitive subjects such as eating disorders, debt and overspending, spoiled outspoken children, overbearing parents, stepfamilies and absent fathers, overwork with ambition taking over lives, asylum seekers and do gooders, celebrity worship.


The Feast

This story is set in 1947 and this is a time when there were a lot of social changes in England. The mid twentieth century was a time where new rules were being made between the rich and the poor with many rich households that had been used to having servants could no longer get the staff that they had before the war. This is reflected in the characters that make The Feast such a great story.

The story takes place in a run down guest house situated under a cliff in Cornwall. This guest house had previously been a private family home, but the family who owned it could only afford to keep their home if they rented out rooms during the summer. However , they were tight with money and did not look after the house very well. Then tragedy struck when the cliff fell on the house , trapping and killing the people inside it.

The reader is taken back to before the tragedy happened and the story is about the sort of eccentric characters who stayed in the guest house throughout the summer.



This is the story of a fictional famous actress named Katherine O'Dell, as told by her daughter Norah. The story tells how Katherine`s career rose and fell during the mid twentieth century.

Norah is the main narrator and tells the story through the eyes of a young girl growing up with a very famous mother. Norah tells how she was often exposed to the less pleasant side of stardom through the people who her mother met. Norah grew up in Ireland, and some of her fictional memories often include true events that were happening at the time.

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