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A Night From Hell

The sky it's really special for me, but not more than poems


a night from hell

It's more of a pain than a feeling

It is more something that I suffer, not that I fee

It exhausts me until I can't resist anymor

And between drop and drop my eyes fad

Leaving warm cries in a space of peac

A scream no longer work

Just the feeling of not being able to nod anymore in a moment of pressure by not being able to answer if I'm okay or not

It's one more petal that burns and fall

I am no longer in neutra

I just feel like I'm going backward

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My figure does not fancy the senses of other hand

Other feelings are not wanted from my outfit

a sound bothers m

a voice bothers m

I don't think I can take this grudge anymor

I don't get off my chest when writin

I just insist on drowning my thoughts to stop feelin

I don't want to hear you anymor

My pains are terrified as I see more and more closely the way in which they are going to di

And yes, I want to resis

More power I don't know, but I don't want to persist anymor

eteeggeeesssls.seeelt to persist anymore

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