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A Very Good Friend

who is a good friend, what friendship truly means?


a Very Good Friend

a good friend is someone whose friendship never ends,

a pleasant trend.

who lends a helping hand,

whose bond is like a bond.

heeding to your call,

watching over your shoulder should you fall.

stay close to you in dark times,

reading your very minds.

comforting you,

keeping your secrets,

doing odd bits.

making you laugh,

in their gaff.

knowing when you are sad

or feeling bad,

if you had,

a really good friend,

a love that never ends...

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a very good friend

will be your beck and call,

better than all,

all your kins,

all your foes,

none can match their toes...

in times of need,

they will heed,

and do your deed...

in times of darkness,

they will be your light,

not a flight,

they will hug you tight...

they know when it is right,

they know when it is night,

there light shine bright...

a true friend whose say,

is what makes your day...

a true friend is more than a brother or sister,

like a father and a mother...

they worth your time,

they are a gem that shines...

they know you by heart,

for they are part,

part of your inner circle,

one who is like a miracle...

they come without a call,

they come when you need a listening ear,

they come when you shed a tear...

they remain silent when you rant,

they can feel your pain,

they love you no matter what?

you have a place in their heart

and they in yours...

the very thought of them put a smile on your lips,

a sway of your hips...

being your friend,

to the very end!!!


Salima Deen (author) from Berbice Guyana on March 02, 2020:

thank you

Eiddwen from Wales on March 02, 2020:

A great poem. I really enjoyed it.

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