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*Zombie State*

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Walking Around In A Zombie State
I Hope I Wake Up
Before Its Too Late
Feeling Like A Shell Of A Man
Holding On Desperately
To Whatever I Can
That Makes Me Feel Better
And Back To The Norm
That Makes Me Feel
Like I'm Back In Some Form
Fresh Air And Exercise
Do Wonders For Sure
But By No Means
Are They A Miracle Cure
Sleep Eludes Me Night After Night
Deprivation Causes Reality
And Delusion To Fight
Blurring Them Both Into
A Hazy Fantasy
Leaving The House
Can Be So Very Messy
I Never Know How I'll React
To What Goes Down
But It'll Have An Impact
All Around Town
To What Degree Is Never Exact
It Gets Much Worse If I Feel Attacked
I'll Stand My Ground And Fight To The Death
Keep Fighting Til I'm Gone
Til My Very Last Breath
It Might Not Be Real
But Its Real To Me
When I'm In The State Of A Mindless Zombie
The Dangers Are Real
And They're Severe
The Danger Of This
Is What You Should Fear
As A Danger To Society
I Should Probably Stay Home
As A Danger To Myself
I Should Probably Not Roam
So Many Issues Add
To My Zombie State
I Can Tell You Straight Up
I Got A Lot On My Plate
I Wont Stay Home
I'll Roll The Dice
Even If The World
Has To Pay The Price
So Mentally Messed Up I Wont Go To Jail
I'll Get Checked In A Psyche Ward
And Fed A Med Cocktail

© 2020 Mike

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