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My Yummy Land for Kids Poem

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Endless delectable treats everywhere in Yummy land.


Yummy Land.

The dog was a little green because he had been bounced around like a rubber ball with his tummy way too full after riding the horse, quite wildly off into the blue and back. The horse was a little blue because the green dog was a rather chubby buddy and the blue horse was still trying to catch his breath. They had decided to take a journey to a magical place that they had only dreamed about but in their hearts they knew it was real because dreams can become true So they had ridden off to Yummy Land where endless dog treats grow on tiny trees, just high enough for even tiny pups to reach and perfect for big dogs to just bend down and feast on. You see all pupppies dream about the place called Yummy Land. you'll see them on their backs sound asleep, thier little paws moving, with big smiles on thier fuzzy faces. The horse enjoyed it too because there were huge fields of carrots and sugar cubes and huge buckets of oats the size of swimming pools in Yummy Land. A lovely buffet for any horse hungry enough to eat a well...hmm... a horse I guess.. Even little children go to Yummy Land in their dreams, There are giant candy houses you can eat, play or sleep in, ice cream lakes, with huge cookie islands floating in them near cream soda falls, and mountains of cake with white icing tops plus ten billion toys never played with before all waiting to greet you. The dog and the horse both ran around with lots of happy kids and gobbled up delights till they were so full, they could hardly move, and so they all napped on a huge, low hanging, cloud of cotton candy. When they awoke, the blue horse had to carry the much heavier green dog, back home home very fast still licking his chops but wobbling and clipping his clops for it was past his stable time, and he was not able to trot as well when he was unstable. So here they both now sit back home at last the blue horse slowly turning brown again as he catches his breath, and the green dog, waiting for that one big burp that will make him less green, and far more contented. then suddenly a large "Buuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrpppppppp." and an "ahhhhhh!" brought a very happy ending to their rather full-filling story at last. "Would you like to go to yummy land?? then close your eyes and rub your tummy, and whisper softly the magic word: "Yummy!" then maybe tonight when you're in your bed, you'll be visiting yummy land inside your head. Here's a kiss goodnight that's your ticket to a place your Mom and dad both knew and don't forget your Dad and Mum bring us something back that makes us go "YUM! " and we hope your sweet dreams all come true cause you know how much we both love you and when you wake up from that Yummy lands brush your teeth and wash your face and hands and we'll understand if you can't eat your breakfast after all those treats as you dance around on happy feet. after coming back here twice as sweet and don't forget to say "Hello" to all puppies who've turned green and take a ride on a horse that's blue as you travel through your dreams. .

© 2010 Matthew Frederick Blowers III

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Richard Parr from Australia on March 05, 2010:

I just read it to my six year old daughter, who, after rubbing her tummy and whispering Yummy, now hopes for tasty dreams.

Sweet hub.

Lecie on March 05, 2010:

so cute. i love it. keep them coming.

while i go on humming

this poem really is very stunning

all day in my mind it will be running.

not as good as yours but hope it makes you smile

if even for awhile.

have fun and be creative


prasetio30 from malang-indonesia on March 05, 2010:

nice poem. good work my friend.

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