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Your Love My Life Chapter 1 and 2 (a Love Story)


Misbah use to express her feelings through her words and wants her readers to feel them like emotions.


Chapter 1

This is the scene of the city of Kohat in Balochistan where it is snowing at the moment. The first snowfall of the winter added another four moons to the beauty of a beautiful city like Kohat and added to the cold wave and to prevent this cold. Where the people of Kohat used to enjoy tea and coffee is the world from which the ignorant are lost in the valleys of warm blankets and sleep.

Suddenly, her eyes open. And she looks around. Her face is drenched in sweat. Who is he? Why can't I see his face? , just why his voice is soothing, and in what language he was speaking? Today again.

She had the dream she had been seeing for the last two years. Kamal Villa "where Kamal Ahmed Sahib lives with his entire family. Kamal Sahib and Salma Begum were blessed by Allah with two sons. Kamal Sahib's eldest son was named Bilal Ahmed, who was blessed by Allah with two daughters and a son. Bilal Ahmed's eldest son Aman Bilal is the youngest Haniya Bilal and the youngest is Saba Bilal. Kamal's youngest son Waseem Ahmed was blessed with two sons and a daughter by Allah. Wasim, the youngster is Ali Wasim.

She was just thinking when Ali opened the door and entered. Ali, you can't come by pointing out this is rude. You will teach me etiquette later. Come down quickly, because Dad is calling you. How come Baba calls me?

You may be forgetting that your result is coming today, that's why he called, hurry up now. God, if I fail, Baba's dream will not come true. Please help me. She goes down the stairs praying. Everyone sees her sitting in the living room. Wasim Sahib, as soon as you see her coming, calls her.

Wearing a white color Capri with a black plain, White was resting on her double shoulders. She looked as cute as she could be seen. Doll, due to you and Saba (F.Sc) was supposed to come today. No, yes Baba, she answers in a very soft voice that Wasim Sahib can hardly hear. Did you both check your result? No, Baba, let's check now. That doesn't have to happen.

Muzammil enters the living room. I have checked the doll. As soon as I hear the result of both of you, Sanam and Saba's heart beat faster. If both of them fail, I will feed you ice cream with my own money too. Ali keeps quiet, Ali becomes silent when Wasim Sahib scolds him, Baba, both of them have passed. Sanam and Saba breathe a sigh of relief. Now my two daughters will be admitted to Bolan Medical Lodge and my two daughters will become doctors and make our name bright. Bilal Sahib tells both. I am father with two daughters. A proud father

but who knows what happens next.....

Chapter 2

Sanam I am not prepared at all. I don't know what I will do in the entrance test. Dad has high hopes for me. (Saba says anxiously.)


The two of them were sitting in Sanam's room at that time to prepare for and could not remember Saba due to tension..........
Our test will be very good to see Saba get Relax why you are taking so much tension and we will also get admission Soon. Don’t worry.

Ali enters the room saying, “Hello girls what's going on?”

Do not be blind to see that we read (Saba talks with much difficulty, controlling his anger).
Oh well, you two are studying.

I thought maybe you are playing cricket
Ali, get out of my room. We are already under pressure. You are shaking your cheap comedy from above. (Sanam said, regrettably)
You see, I will never forget this day. Today you insulted me before a witch (Ali makes a face in tears).

Sanam, you saw that this monkey is teasing me. I will not leave him today. Saba leaps from the bed and joins Ali, but Ali runs away until then.

There is a time of happiness in Mirwani Mansion. Employees were busy at work. Kohi did the housework while Kohi prepared delicious dishes. They were all working hard and even if they did, why didn't their little Mir come back to his house today? Five years later, they were all happy because all of them were living with their little Mir.
This is the home of Shabbir Hassan Mirwani where he and his family reside. Shabbir Mirwani is a thriving business person. Shabbir Mirwani was the only child of his parents, so his parents took good care of him and sent him to the United States for higher studies. Upon graduation, his father entrusted all his affairs to him. Which Shabbir Sahib handled with complete honesty. Shabbir Sahib was blessed with a son and a daughter.

Azhar was affectionate and obedient to his father from the beginning, so he was greatly loved by Shabbir Sahib and Nadia Begum. When Azhar was nine years old, Allah blessed Shabbir Sahib with a daughter whom he named Samarin.
As time went by, Azhar grew up. Shabir wanted to study Azhar (MBA) and do business with him, but Azhar wanted him to become a heart surgeon and so Shabir obeyed his darling and gave him medical treatment. He was allowed to study and sent to London to fulfill his wish. Today, five years later, he returned to his homeland. He was no longer Azhar Mirwani, under his license. Now he was "Dr. Azhar Mirwani".

Khaleda, clean up the place, you don't know that she needs something clean and tidy in her place... Yes, Begum Sahiba! In the meantime, an employee comes running and says to Nadia Begum, Begum Sahiba Chhote Mir has come... Well, let me come... Khaleda came to Azharan, shake hands fast, I descended.
No matter how thin my kid is, he hasn't eaten well there! Nadia Begum hugs Azhar to her chest and says...
Mama, what happened to you? I am perfectly fit and smart. Where did you become weak? Azharan says mischievously...
And you forgot to put on the cut. Lala Samreen says with a chuckle. How are you, Princess? Azhar hugs Samarin and asks. Lala, I am fine and you know two days later I have an entrance test for admission to Bolan Medical College. Wow, Princess Congress is not here yet. After the admission, the Congress will say, "Insha'Allah, it will definitely happen. I have full confidence in your admission. Thanks to Princess Lala.”

How are you, young man?
Baba, I am fine, thank God. How are you? I saw you, I'm fine now Khum was beautiful in his whole personality. He was a beautiful masterpiece of masculine reason. He was Dr. Azharan Mirwani.

to be continued...