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Intense - You Touch me With Your Words

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Shimmering Dawn is passionate about poetry, and she enjoys writing poetry, especially romantic poetry.

Intense - You Touch me With Your Words

Passionate words are heady and can sway you off your feet, words that blow your mind away and transport you into the clouds and among the stars. That is the power of thelanguage of love. What power does reason and logic have before them? Can they stand their ground or will emotions have their way? Words seem to wrap their way around your heart and break your every resolve. The power of words is amazing, the power of love is even more amazing. It is fascinating to recreate and luxuriate in words of love. The magic of love never seems to fade.. no matter how old or young you are..... come experience it .I would love to hear from you.. please let me know if it touched you in some way


Intense - A Poem

You touch me with your words,
Telling me of your love,
Filling my soul with music,
Forever and now!

You sing to me those songs,
Of fervent passion,
To hear them, my heart longs,
Singular words well chosen!

With a tender caress,
In its wings,
Your words express,
Sublime things!

A warmth so gentle,
Comes flooding in,
Stripping me of my resolve,
Turning me mushy within!

You charm me with your words,
In a deluge of intense feeling,
Profoundly aching inwards,
You captivate my being!

I see you mirrored in them,
As clear as glass, and plain
Words springing right out at me,
Driving me, completely insane!

Enticing words they are,
Enslaving delicately,
My mind is at war,
Should I surrender or flee?

What am I to do?
What am I to say?
Could I brush them away?
You have me in your sway!

© 2011 Dawn

Your comments are welcome...

manatita44 from london on November 15, 2015:

I guess they made you shimmer, eh? Words can do this. I have written a piece simply called 'words.' and dedicated it to a Friend. Now I am looking for someone else's and found you. Pretty alluring and enthralling poetry. Great work, shimmering Dawn!

Brenda Lorraine Scully from Ireland on June 07, 2013:

it has been too long since I read poetry here on hub pages, I have to say I am glad I chose to read this, well written indeed.

Girish puri from NCR , INDIA on September 20, 2012:

What am i to say ? touching...voted up.

Dawn (author) on November 14, 2011:

Wow that is splendid.. I have been reading about Haiku writing ... maybe I should try it.. You are truly an inspiration Haikutwinkle!! thank you.. you might soon see a Haiku on these pages... that is if I am here very soon.. :)

haikutwinkle on October 30, 2011:

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What a masterpiece!


a flower smiled, a butterfly arrived, a light touch

a chattering bee, chuckling sunflower, happy tears

hummingbirds meet, a garden of strings, breezy hearts

intensely intense, tangle of tangos, ocean symphonies

now or never, to embrace or not, carpe diem!


I'm inspired!

Dawn (author) on September 15, 2011:

Rosemay, Gosh! that is simply perfect!! Thank you my dear :)

Dawn (author) on September 15, 2011:

LOL AE, mushy within is my falling... too mushy for any good.. :) Glad you think so :) Oh wow , it just strikes me that mushy is perfect indeed!! LOL

Dawn (author) on September 15, 2011:

Cloverleaf, that is a very expressive comment and I am impressed by it. Thank you for voting it up and for the comment :)

Dawn (author) on September 15, 2011:

Movie Master, thanks for the read and the endorsement. It is more important to hold on to the love that touched you and you my friend seem to be mastering the art. Thanks for the love :) Love has me in its sway!!

Rosemary Sadler from Hawkes Bay - NewZealand on September 14, 2011:

This is beautiful. I enjoyed it

Ruby Jean Richert from Southern Illinois on September 14, 2011:

Beautiful! Mushy within is perfect. Thank you. Enjoyed...

Louise from Calgary, AB, Canada on September 14, 2011:

Hi Shimmering Dawn,

What an excellent poem, I am so impressed by your use of powerful words to describe your passionate emotions.

Voted up!


Movie Master from United Kingdom on September 14, 2011:

Hi Shimmering Dawn, The magic of love.. I count myself as being very fortunate to have been touched by love and still holding on to it!

I love your poem and voting up!

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