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You Are My Destiny


The high school sweetheart

"I want to be a good Doctor someday Rhe" Archie said. "Me, I want to be a good Journalist someday" Rhea replied.

Archie and Rhea are the childhood sweetheart. They study hard for the good of their future. Both parent are favor for the relationship because they saw them very good and responsible.

In their high school life, Archie is belong to section A and Rhea belong to section B. The section A students more talented compare to section B. Archie and Rhea both gain the highest evaluation grades. Archie graduated in high school as valedictorian and Rhea was a second honor. They have good qualifications like the beauty and brain. Archie is tall, dark and handsome with the height of 5 feet and 11 inches that makes ladies crazy for him. While Rhea is 5 feet and 11 inches in height, beautiful, white complexion, long hair up to waistline level, her eyes is like one half of the moon in shape and her beauty most attractive to the gentlemen around her. If we mixed them like coffee with milk.

"sweetheart I am upset because one of my classmates told me that he secretly in love with you aside from knowing I am your boyfriend and he want to have a date with you if he have a chance". Archie said. Are you sure that I am fall in love with him too? of course not! because you are my one and only sweetheart and nobody's can take you away from me." Rhea replied with an assurance to her boyfriend.

College life.The college enrollment will come. Archie and Rhea enroll in the same university so that they are still together even though they are different course. They live in the same dormitory near to the university where in they were studying. Archie enroll in the course of Bachelor of Science in Biology as preparatory to his medicine doctor course while Rhea enroll in Bachelor of Science in Journalism.

At the dormitory, "sweetheart I love you and I want you forever" Archie said. and he give a kiss to her girlfriend. A sweet kisses to Rhea's lips. "yes honey I love you too" Rhea replied with kissing too. This childhood sweetheart are very careful. Only kissing they do and no more because of their ambition to finish their course.

Four years later, Archie graduated in his course as Bachelor of Science in Biology and Rhea graduated in Bachelor of Science in Journalism. After few months, Rhea landed a job as a News Editor in big Television Network in the Philippines while Archie still studying in his dream course as medicine doctor.

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After eight years, Archie become a successful Medicine Doctor in Cardiologist. They were both busy of their profession. They live in separate dormitory near to their work of assignment. They were forget about dating all concentration are focus their work. Rhea's dreams come true as well as Archie. Rhea become journalist and Archie become a Medical Doctor in Cardiologist and considered him a successful doctor because he healed patients.

Temptations come. Rhea have boyfriend her co-worker in the television station and Archie have other woman in the hospital where he work with. Aside from being a regular doctor of the hospital he also have a clinic of the said hospital. They don't have formal break up with Rhea because they are far from each other. Both parent of Rhea and Archie were sad because of the break up of them. They were hoping someday will restore their relationship.They are very much compatible with each other as they witness their relationship since they were young age.

National election 2019. Rhea was very busy doing her editing of the news articles about the election. She was not feeling well she can't breathe well due to over fatigue. She landed at emergency room of the hospital. After an hour the emergency room doctor said to her. "Mam I advice you to admit in the hospital because you need more observation about your situation now". After the couple of hours Rhea's doctor who assigned to her knock at the door. When the doctor arrived at Rhea's room, Rhea almost half sleep because she feel tired. "Hello Mam how are you?" her doctor greetings. The doctor felt shock when the patient open her eyes and they were look eyes to eyes with each other. For all of his patient one of them is Rhea his ex-girl friend, high school sweetheart and his love of his life. Rhea feel shock too, she feel that she could not breathe because of the situation. Her long loss friend, boyfriend, sweetheart and only love in her life is now her front. The doctor assign to her is Dr. Rachie Baldomero. After many years now they meet again. The destiny is make the way to meet them and continue their unfinished love story.

On that moment Dr. Archie proposed a wedding and Rhea accepted the proposal and they are happy now.

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