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You Are in Love With a Fool - Chapter 5

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You are in love with a fool - chapter 5

As he drove, William texted his driver to come to pick up Harrie.

Harrie was the family’s top priority, and Brook was counting on him to carry on the family line.

Then he drove the car back to his apartment, and he fell asleep.

Normally, without a call from his dad, he rarely comes home. He didn’t see either Harrie or Evan for several weeks.

After the first meeting, he forgot about Evan in two or three days, but not this time. Now and then, William would miss the way Evan looked. He pays rare attention to the time of the students’ college entrance examination, expecting that when they finish the examination, he can go out with Evan to have fun. Harrie is a liability, but he doesn’t think he’s going to want to come out alone.

With three days to go before the Gaokao, William had an appointment with a property owner to discuss business outside the company. As they say goodbye, William finds himself near Evan’s school.

As he drove past Evan’s school, he glanced inside and saw the basketball court closest to the school gate, where some of the students were playing.

William smiled and shook his head.

A hundred yards into the gas pedal, William stared straight ahead, his mind seeming to be left behind. Finally, he couldn’t help himself. He turned the steering wheel and watched as the camera moved in front of him.

William parked his car outside the school gate and strolled in.

The school was almost empty, and the vast campus seemed unusually quiet, except for the sound of shouting and bouncing a ball on the basketball court, which blended in with the silence of the background.

He walked slowly past, standing on the basketball court, looking at the court play three waves of people, one by one, did not find any familiar figure.

William smiled wryly, wondering what could have happened to make a TV series.

He didn’t know what had happened to him, probably because he hadn’t seen anything like it in a long time. One-sided desire to vent also let him feel dull, high-intensity work pressure, he also wants to have a let oneself can really relax and joy of the company, the company had better be as long as their ideal general, that he’ll never get tired of seeing, that he’ll never get used to, that he’ll enjoy the chase and the hunt, and that he’d better be a little bit more distinguished, a little bit more refined. He met Evan when he had a strong desire to meet someone who would hopefully allow him to have a lot of fun.

No sooner or later, he meets this Evan. Young, beautiful, a bit arrogant, fit all his fantasies, which excited him more than getting him a big project, and he was looking forward to conquering the teenager and enjoying the fruits of his success.

So it seems understandable to do such a silly thing, standing on a high school basketball court, hoping for a touchy-feely encounter.

Too bad we missed it.

William Sighed and began to walk away.

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“William? ”

From behind came an uncertain call, the voice of young, bright, with a pleasant tone, thread into the thread, knock into people’s hearts.

William felt his breath catch and he felt a surge of emotion in his chest? It is as if a person in the ignorance of the circumstances to achieve his expectations have not had any hope, bring him a surprise, let him aftertaste palpitations, even if the other side does not know, he felt some moved.

He jerked back and saw the boy he liked standing behind him. His whole body was wet. His hair was dripping with water. The front of his pure white shirt was wet through most of it. He pressed it to his chest. He did not know whether it was sweat or water, his face was flushed with the glow of exercise.

The picture of health and vigor was still fresh in William’s mind many years later.

Evan looks at William, smiles sheepishly, shakes the front of his wet suit, wipes his face with water, “It’s too hot. ”

William woke up and said, “Oh, yeah, it’s been a hot day... why are you still at school? ”

“I can’t stay at home. Let’s play ball. Harrie’s not here today, ” said Evan, wiping his face as he walked toward the court.

William involuntarily followed him, “Oh, I’m just stopping by to see if he’s there. I can drop him off. ”

“Most people don’t. They’re at home resting. ”

“Yes, the exam is in three days. It’s time to relax. ”

They didn’t talk much, so he didn’t know what to say. He took the ball from his classmate and gave William an awkward look.

William didn’t think he had to stand there, but he didn’t want to leave.

It happened that Evan’s classmates ran over, “Hey? You are not Harry’s brother? The one who went to the KTV that day. ”

“Well, it’s me. ”

“Harrie didn’t come today. ”

“Oh, I’m just stopping by... ”

“Do you play, William? We want a three-on-three. We need someone. ”

William said cheerfully, “Sure, have some, ” and thought to himself, the boy has a good eye.

William ripped off his tie, put his car keys, wallet, and everything on the floor rolled up his sleeves, and walked over.

Evan looks at him with interest, “William, can you play with those shoes? ”

William looked at his tailored suit pants and polished shoes. “It doesn’t matter. I was on the school team. ”

As soon as William Bent, he came out, and one of the boys whistled, “Come on, give me the ball. ”

He is usually too busy, not playing basketball for a long time, a touch of the ball is also some exciting, first turned a few tricks, feel the whole body to mobilize the sports cells.

A group of boys gathered around him, and Sanzō’s formation broke into a fight.

William’s hands were a little rusty at first, but he grew comfortable, sweating in the sun, but feeling fine. Playing with a bunch of kids makes you feel young, especially when you get to physically touch Evan every once in a while. Basketball is a satisfying sport.

William’s clothes were more or less distracting, and he was a little distracted. He turned around, the next thing I know, Evan’s face was in front of him, and then he lost his focus, and when he slowed down, he almost hit him right in the face.

Even the big man, weighing at least 170 pounds, so full speed running over, the taste of the son do not know not to feel bad.

William was thrown to the ground, dazed, and then he fell on top of him, and with a sharp pain in his ankle, he let out a cry, and then he stopped moving.

Someone nearby tried to pull Evan up, shouting, “It’s all right, it’s all right. ”

Things got a little chaotic for a while, and when he got up, his weight was off, and he stepped on his leg a few times, William lost his temper.

“William, how are you? ” He said nervously

William Gasped in pain. “Foot, you’re on my foot. ”

The bystander picked him up, and Evan grabbed him by the pant leg and lifted it. Sure enough, he saw his ankles swell up quickly.

William was seated in the audience, he can not help but ridicule: “Old really bad, an only sports injury. ”

One of the boys laughed and said, “Brother, you’re only in your 20s. Why are you talking like that? You’ve had a knock on the ball. Evan didn’t mean to. ”

“Get me a bottle of water, ” William said with a wry smile. “I’m dying of thirst. ”

Someone gave him a bottle of water, he opened the lid to drink up his neck, a few gulps to drink a bottle of water.

Evan crouches in front of him, takes off his shoes and socks, and looks at his swollen ankles.

William was nervous for some reason and wanted to pull her foot back. “It’s all right. You can take me to the car. The swelling will go down in a few days. ”

Evan grabs him by the foot and looks at him. “How Do You Drive? ”

William was dumb, but he hurt his right foot. Yeah, how to drive.

“You go and get some ice from the infirmary, ” he told the other students, and then he stood up and set up William. “William, let me take you home. ”

It was a blessing in disguise, William Thought. Well, it was worth it.

Some of his classmates helped him carry William to the car. He took the ice and wrapped it around his feet in William’s tie.

William was frozen a few times, haha laugh, “So cool son, this method is good. ”

Evan looks at him helplessly. “William, give me the keys. I’ll take you home. ”

William tossed the key to him, “Will it work? ”

“HMM. ” Evan gets into the cab and starts the car.

“Do you have Ben? ”

“No, ” Evan said, staring blankly ahead as he kicked the car out


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