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You Are in Love With a Fool - Chapter 4

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You are in love with a Fool - Chapter 4

William Shivered as the door to the karaoke room opened and a gust of wind swept through the room, blasting music and laughter.

He looked up and saw that there were at least twenty or thirty people in the large box, and they began to shout at the sight of them coming in.

“Here Comes The Birthday Boy! ”

“The Birthday Boy is so handsome today! ”

A few people gathered around, some with Harrie on their shoulders, some with a beer in their hands, and the volume of the TV turned down.

With a smile plastered across his face, Harrie said proudly, “I’d like you to meet my brother. ”

William smiled and said hello to a group of children.

A group of girls immediately shrieked, “The elder brother is so handsome! ”

William’s eyelids flickered, and she instinctively leaned toward him.

Ignoring him, he put his arm around Harrie and smiled. “Have a seat. ”

Harry rushed to William: “Brother, you first sit, you want to drink something. ”

“Water, ” said William, frowning at the group of people in the box. The girls’ eyes were so frightening. There were no good looking teenagers besides his brother and Evan, and he didn’t know where to sit for a while.

He looks at Evan and decides where he’s going to sit. He’s coming up because of him. It’s not worth it to be close to him.

At this time a very cute little girl holding a large box on the coffee table, a box opened, inside is a birthday cake.

Evan does not look like a usually very active person, but at this time is making arrangements to light candles, arrange everyone to sit down, told people to turn off the lights, and take the lead in singing “Happy Birthday. ”.

William found that Evan is a very organized leader, he doesn’t talk much, but as soon as he does, everyone automatically acts according to his wishes, noisy KTV room suddenly quiet down, surrounded by Harrie for his birthday.

Harrie’s face was soft and handsome in the dim light of the candle, and he watched it intently, noticing that his eyes were glued to hers. Fortunately, the light was so dim that no one noticed anything strange about him.

After making a wish and blowing out the candles, Harrie gave William the first piece of cake he cut.

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William, who had never liked such sweet things, frowned, glanced, and reluctantly took it.

Harrie smiled again and gave Evan the one with the big strawberry. “Come on, Buddy. ”

There was a soft smile on his face, and this time William was salivating.

William took a couple of bites of the cake for his birthday and put it down. To tell the truth, it was awkward and awkward to be with a group of children eight or nine years younger than himself. He wasn’t a kindergarten teacher, so he couldn’t sit still.

A group of children finished eating the cake and began offering gifts. Harrie seemed to be doing well at school.

The girl who had the guts would take the opportunity to sit next to William and chat him up.

William ignored her and wanted to see what Evan had given Harrie. He glanced at the box. It was probably the size of a cell phone.

When William opened Evan’s present, she looked closer. It was a cell phone.

Harry smiled at Evan. “Well, not like yours. ”

“I thought you said it worked. ”

Harrie cheerfully pocketed it. “Thanks. ”

William was not only disappointed to think that a smart little beauty like Evan could deliver anything creative. Even the last thing he was interested in was a thing of the past, and William didn’t want to be here any longer.

If you don’t leave, you’re making an even bigger mistake.

So William stood up and walked over to Harrie, who was singing. “Harrie, I’m going first. ”

Harrie paused and quickly handed the microphone to the person next to him. “Brother, you even not sitting here for ten minutes. ”

William was impatient. “Why am I sitting here wasting my time? ”

Harrie’s eyes flashed with disappointment. “Well, let me walk you downstairs. ”

William waved. “No, you stay. ”

Harrie has nothing more to say. Evan says, “You stay here. I’ll take your brother. ”

“Yes, ” William said, “Don’t move. It’s not right for you to leave with all these people. ”

Evan sits at the door with a sign for please.

William said goodbye to the children and didn’t look back.

On the way to the parking lot, William said, “Harrie’s got a lot of friends at school, hasn’t he? ”

Evan does not know what to think, insouciant way: “It is pretty good. ”

“How long has it been since you’ve seen each other? You look as if you’ve been together for more than ten years. ”

“I left when I was in primary school. We haven’t seen each other for nearly 10 years, but we have been in touch. ”

“Oh, you two were good? ”

“Well, we used to play together. ”

“Really? I don’t remember you. ”

“There’s a big age difference. You Don’t play with Harrie. ”

“Also... ”

They walked out into the parking lot, and William, looking around at the empty lot, got a little itchy and went a little crazy, “Even if I had met you, you were a child, how did I know you would grow up to be such a handsome young man? ”

“You don’t know it’s Harrie’s birthday, do you, Brother Jane? ” He whispered, with a faint smile and a stubbed cigarette stubbed out under his foot

“No, I don’t, ” William said nonchalantly.

“You didn’t even tell him happy birthday today, ” Evan said, looking up at William with his bright, black eyes

“Oh? I didn’t say? ” William couldn’t remember whether he said or not, but he was here today, and the gift was given.

“Harrie has admired you since he was a child, ” he said. “You’re here today. Happy Birthday to him. It’s better than anything you could have given him. ”

William wasn’t used to such stories, and he gave him one hundred and eighty thousand grand for pocket money. Isn’t that more pragmatic than a can do and can do bullshit? He thought he was giving Evan too much credit, and he said it like a child.

William laughed and said, “Worship? You... never mind, it’s not what you think. ”

Evan opens his mouth and finally yanks back the criticism, insisting, “Brother Jane, at least send him a text to say happy birthday. ”

William thought it was hilarious. The boys were so close, he couldn’t even remember if he was this cute and innocent when he was 17 or 18.

“All right, brother Jane, whatever you say, ” William Smiles, winks at Evan, pulls out her phone and sends caliph a text.

“Happy Birthday, Harrie-- your brother. ”

Almost a dozen seconds later, he received a reply that read, “Thank you, brother! I’m glad you came today. ”

William put the phone away and looked up at him with a half smile. “Satisfied? ”

Evan nodded. “Thank you. ”

William smiled, shook his head, opened the door, and, before stepping into the car, retracted his foot, turned to Evan and said, “When you finish your exams, I’ll take you out”

“OK, no problem. ” Evan looks at him without flinching.

William drove off, humming a tune.


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