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You Are in Love With a Fool - Chapter 1

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You are in love with a Fool - Chapter 1 (Gay Love)

William first met Evan in his living room.

When William came in with a cigarette in his mouth, he saw Harrie sitting on the sofa with a strange boy, talking and laughing.

The strange boy had his back to him, and Feyenoord’s jersey was wet against his back, the broad, athletic lines of which were visible.

Their clothes and trouser legs were still caked with mud, but they sat unceremoniously on William’s beige leather sofa.

Empty Coke Cans and two cakes lay on the coffee table opposite them, with a dirty football at their feet.

William frowned as she watched.

At the sound of the door opening, the two men, chatting on the sofa, both looked towards the door.

The instant William and the strange boy looked at each other, a strange reaction swept over William.

Fort William, the more polite term was love at first sight, or, more bluntly, “The first time you see him, you get a hard-on. ”

It’s just that in retrospect, William thought it was a pretty fucked up scene.

Anyway, William’s heart was racing, he was breathing fast, and the blood vessels in his head were throbbing.

What can I say about the boy’s appearance? His eyes are round and his face is very handsome. William himself described the boy’s appearance as “Exactly as I like it. ”.

William’s favorite boy is the sassy, square-lipped, red-toothed, white-face type.

And this one is much better looking than any he’s ever seen.

While William had expected his Dorkwad of a brother to be one of the best looking boys in the world, this one had a decidedly different take on the world.

His eyes went from the boy’s red lips and fair neck all the way to his long, sturdy legs under his shorts.

William had read a lot of people in his life, but he wanted to get close to them more than ever.

But this man is Harry’s friend.

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He pressed down his desire and pretended not to glance at them lightly.

“William, you’re back, ” cried Harrie, seeing William’s uneasy face

William said, “HMM, ” and, as usual, did not answer.

“William, this is my classmate, Evan Brown. Evan is the grandson of the old mayor. ”

“Oh, Hello, Evan? How come I’ve never met Evan before? ”

“Mayor Brown was transferred to another city. We’ve known each other since we were kids, but it’s been a long time. ”

William remembered something his father had said a while back: the old mayor’s son had recently been transferred back to our city.

But William didn’t take it personally and had he known that Mayor Brown had such a beautiful grandson, he would have visited him at Brown’s house.

William nodded, suppressed a little flutter, and, trying to keep his face calm, went over.

Harrie stood up, and so did Evan.

Evan’s doing so well, he’s almost as tall as he is. Evan’s body is slender and athletic, with a handsome face that is somewhere between a man and a boy.

William was itching even more. He had always liked to have sex with men of that size, with their long arms and legs. Men of that build were beautiful and sexy.

William held out his hand and smiled. “The old mayor’s grandson? How are you? ”

He gave him a gentle, though unassuming, handshake and a nod. “Hello, William. ”

William’s affection for him grew. It was hard to see such a steady temperament in a boy of eighteen or nineteen.

He gave William a deliberate pat on the back, his muscles flexing so much that William Shivered.

But then he sneezes and pulls William back to reality.

“You’ve just finished playing football, ” William said hurriedly. “Don’t leave the air conditioning so low. You’ll catch a cold if your clothes aren’t dry. ”

It was a rare moment for Harrie to see William take such an interest in him. He couldn’t hide his delight. “I’ll turn up the temperature, ” he said, grabbing the air-conditioning remote

William looked at the cake on the table and asked, “Have you eaten? ”

“Not yet, ” Harrie said

“What’s the use of eating all this sweet stuff when you’re tired after a game, Nanny? ”

“The babysitter had a family thing and left in the morning. ”

“There’s nobody home. ”

“Dad’s not coming back, Mom... Me, my mom, too, ” Harrie realized and got nervous.

William, who usually had to taunt him at every opportunity, was in an unusually good mood today. Instead of complaining, he said, “Shall I order in? I’m hungry now. ”

Harrie said quickly, “Yes, William. What would you like to eat? ”

“I want to eat that... ” William rolled his eyes, looked at his flattered brother, and then at Evan, who didn’t know what to think, he said, “Forget it, I don’t want to eat outside, it’s not clean. Your classmates rarely come here, you can make some good dishes. I remember the last time you made that eggplant taste good. ”

Harrie started, said: “Oh, good... William, you want to eat eggplant? I go to the kitchen to see. ”

Harrie turned and headed for the kitchen.

After Harrie leaves, Evan is left alone with William in the living room, and Evan is somewhat embarrassed.

William clapped him warmly on the shoulder and laughed. “What are you standing for? Sit Down. ”

Evan smiles politely and sits down.

William followed him, enjoying the smoothness of his face and the clarity of his outline.

William couldn’t wait to get Evan on the couch, rip his jersey off, and throw him on the bed.

You know, he’s never played with a boy in a ball gown, and when he gets Evan into bed, he’s gonna have a change of pace.

William tried to keep his face as normal as possible, and asked in an older voice, “You’re all about to take the college entrance exam. Can you get used to changing schools? ”

“OK, it’s a test everywhere, ” Evan said casually, his eyes drifting to the kitchen.

William lights a cigarette tries to put it in his mouth, glances at Evan, and smiles. “Do you smoke? ”

With an almost imperceptible frown, Evan rejects William. “Thank you, I don’t smoke. ”

William liked it, even more, looking at his white jade face and his nonchalant manner.

William wasn’t blind, either, and I could tell he didn’t talk much to him. No wonder. Evan is Harry’s friend, and that Kid’s got a lot to say about him, so it’s a wonder his friends like him.

But the more it happens, the more challenging it becomes? Men have an instinct for physical conquest, and William likes to treat them that way.

As if unable to see the awkwardness in Evan’s eyes, William continued to bullshit him, “Is your name Evan? That sounds like a girl’s name. ”

Evan droops his eyelids slightly and doesn’t respond.

“It’s a nice name, and it would be weird to put on another guy, but the more tasteful it is to put on you. ”

William’s tone toward the end of that sentence was already slightly ambiguous.

Evan doesn’t know whether to hear it or not, but droops his eyelids and gives a dry smile in response.

“Hey, did I See You When I was a kid? How old were you when you left a city? ”

Evan lowered his eyes to flash a trace of sharp light, deep voice: “Should not have seen. ”

“Probably not, I don’t really remember. How Old was Harrie when she came to my house? I forget... Were a kid, too, and if you were as handsome as you are now, I wouldn’t forget it. Ha Ha Ha Ha. ”

Evan’s face had already begun to show some impatience, but he was too embarrassed to get up and leave.

“How are your grades? ” William asked. “What school are you going to go? ”

“It’s all right. Take the local test. ”

William had a thick skin, and the more people ignored him, the more energetic he became, continue to chat said: “Yes, we a city better, go to the field life unfamiliar why ah, right. ”. You must be very tired now, Harrie often stays up till two or three o’clock in the night, which is not good either, and the nearer the examination is, the better you have to rest, and if anything should happen to you, do you agree? ”

“Yes. ”

“You’re all right to get some exercise, it’s all about the body, ” he said, patting him on the back and feeling his youthful musculature. William’s heart fluttered again.

“I’ll help you in the kitchen, ” said Evan, nodding awkwardly

“Oh, no, Harrie wouldn’t have done a very good job of that. You’re the guest. Just Sit... Yes, I ask you, does Harrie have a girlfriend? ”

Evan shakes his head. “No. ”

“No? He must be popular with the girls at school? I used to be a student, too. It’s not a big deal to be in a relationship at your age. ”

“Not really. ”

“OH. Then how about you? ” That’s what William really wanted to know.
It didn’t matter to him whether he had a girlfriend or not.

Evan really some sit, but still not good to get up and go, had to say, “I did not. ”

William was happy. He’s seen enough, and he’s stopped pulling on Evan. The impatience in Evan’s eyes couldn’t hide it.

William was a man of easy virtue, with a good many friends, and he was not easily bored at first sight.

For a boy of Evan’s age, William could charm the uninitiated into worshipping him.

Unfortunately, as a friend of Harry’s, Evan doesn’t really like him.

William knew he had to quit while he was ahead to make an impression, and that annoying him would backfire.

“Why don’t you sit down, I’ll take a look at the kitchen, ” said William, getting up and going to the kitchen.

That’s a relief for Evan.
As soon as William entered the kitchen, Harrie was cooking in an apron with an intent face.

William leaned against the door frame and asked lazily, “How’s it going? ”

“Oh, William, it’s almost ready. Go back to your seat, please. The kitchen smells of cooking fumes. ”

“It’s all right, ” William said, coming up to him and looking at the green peppers in the pot. “It smells good. ”

Harrie had been bullied by his older brother, and rarely, if ever, had he been so kind as to allow Harrie the time of day.

“How come the old mayor’s grandson has turned back at This Hour? Can he keep up with his lessons? ” William said, pretending to be inattentive.

“Yes, he’s very smart. ”

“The little girls at your school must be crazy to have Evan drop in like that. ”

“Yes, ” Harrie said with a laugh. “The girl who came to see him in our classroom the other day is literally blocking the hallway. ”

William, for some reason, was flattered, probably because he thought he had good taste.


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