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You Turn -"U-Turn"


You-Turn is what the Scriptures counsel all,

To do individually, and not collectively first,

Collectively will need u-turns that are being performed individually,

Your sins will find you out, is a verse never to forget or ignore,

Be awakened, seek not to find someone else's sin out,

Avoid the business which does not work for the u-turning,

When you read, who is "you" in the text referring to?

Who do you think it is talking about?

Generally speaking, who are you talking about if you speak, or write?

Specifically, it is different and pointed to someone else,

Communication is prespicuous and much clearer,

When it comes from height, and depth because you turned,

Who turned you? you humbled you, U-turn!

You turn, is the emphatic for turning,

The words are chosen to think, and express,

Into thoughts of worth that qualify the intent and motive,

Turn to yourself, and tell the she or he, "self" you turn, point at you first,

Before pointing at others, u-turns are both sensitive, and private,

Requiring respect for one's own space, the u-turn is a lonely place,

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Allow yourself to inhale, and exhale, it is your right!

When you turns are judgments directed to you, u-turn,

Never wait for others to turn before you do, or delay your turn,

Justice, mercy, love, truth, and all the others are there waiting at the u-turn spot,

Who will you blame if you ignore the turn given to you only?

Take self inventory of your own woman or man's glory,

The Creator has given massive glimpses of created glories,

Have you turned to see created glories hovering over you? Look up!

Repentance is the u-turn waiting for you to come,

When will you turn to reflect the wonders and express,

What the u-turn is producing within you,

Fear not, let your heart reflect its glories,

The law inspired by God is the author and finisher of the you turn,

Turn, where, when, why and what?

Only you understand how to answer each question,

Isn't that the purpose of prayer? to obtain direction and guidance,

Prayers are written and spoken, because of u-turns, and you are turning,

Do the math, how many times today have you turned,

In spirit, soul and body, produce a count,

Innumerable is realistic, because you cannot measure the breaths you took,

Turning is not always a conscious move, only when you turn,

The truth is, only you can turn around,

U-turns can be legal or illegal,

Jesus Christ is the stop sign, and sign of the time,

The only one that stopped me for the u-turn,

Along with John the Baptist holding the repent sign,

That is exactly what my summation entails, and was

Make the U-turn!

Do it today and don't delay.

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