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Yellow Flowers

Yellow flowers

Yellow flowers

Mother-in-law is like a marigold, some moment is fed and some moment is like a withered one, every moment cannot remain the same. In-law is a marigold flower is a yellow flower color that brings happiness to the in-law but a shower of gum also comes every day. I can get gum more quickly than yellow flowers, like in-laws of marigold flowers, as soon as we get pleasure from marigold flowers, because this in-law has more evils than good as like marigold flowers. It is very important that this in-law is like a marigold flower, we can not live without in-laws, we live with it, we feel proud because it is like a marigold flower.

:—Afsana Wahid

Yellow flowers



Afsana Wahid (author) from Bareilly on December 18, 2020:


Krystal Michelle from Atlanta. GA on December 18, 2020:

I love Yellow Flowers! It was very entertaining, as well as, it makes you contemplate your text. In-laws are perceived as being terrible or hard to deal with; however, the wisdom and experience your in-laws share with you definitely impacts your life.

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