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X-Men Days of Future Past

The X-Men


Wolverine and Cyclops of X-Men

The X-men have had many years of story lines stretching from a wide range of mediums from comic books to cartoons to motion picture films. Throughout the years and throughout each depiction of the X-men several aspects have remained a constant.

The main similarity would be the animosity between Wolverine and Cyclops.

Throughout the years in the series of comics, cartoons and movies, Logan (Wolverine) and Scott Summers (Cyclops) have battled for Alpha dominance (Nevett, 2011). They have torn each other up inside and out vying for the attention and affection of Dr. Gene Grey. Even after Dr. Gene Grey is killed off in one of the stories, they find ways to blame each other and continue the feud.

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X-Men Schism - the Crossover Graphic Novel

In the depiction of X-Men “Schism”, a 2011 crossover graphic novel, time has jumped from a modern day setting to sometime in the future after the fall of the Xavier School for the Gifted. X-Men “Schism” was a five series novel that dealt with the psychism between Cyclops and Wolverine.

Throughout the entire story Cyclopes has been the ever present leader of the X-Men. When Wolverine was introduced in the mid-eighties, there was the classic struggle for alpha dominance between the two characters. Both Cyclopes and Wolverine have butted heads at almost every turn and each decision the other has made throughout the storyline has caused further animosity between the two characters throughout the years.

X-Men the Comic Book


X-Men Poll

Wolverine of the X-Men

With this comparison I will show that even outside the original story of the X-Men, the characters still maintain the same bull-headedness and struggle for alpha dominance, despite character and plot changes occurring in between the various mediums (IMDb, 2000).

The novel version of X-Men starts with Wolverine coming into the scene with arrows and Chinese throwing stars stuck in him like a pincushion. Wolverine has always had a mutant gene “power” that allowed him to heal in the blink of an eye no matter what the injury. Like any other version of this character, whether film, comic book or cartoon, this feature of Wolverine has remained a constant for him. Wolverine’s character has always been a loaner and one that doesn’t want nor need help, but also has a very protective side that shows from time to time.

Wolverine is a prideful person and this shows in every adaptation that I can remember, he stands up for those who aren’t strong enough to fight for themselves. Maybe it’s just his temper, maybe he just wants to always fight, and maybe it’s his way of showing he cares without looking soft. One thing for certain this aspect has not changed much throughout the years. With this version “X-Men –Schism”, Wolverine resists the leadership of Scott Summers “Cyclops” and the Alpha role that he plays. Wolverine has always looked out for the mutant children and this continues through this adaptation, by his disapproval of the kids learning combat training instead of them being children.

X-Men Movie

Wolverine and the Other X-Men


Hugh Jackman Plays Wolverine in X-Men

Cyclops and the Non-Mutants in the X-Men Comic Books

With Scott Summers “Cyclops” playing the role of professor Xavier now they have made a “safe haven” for mutants on the island of “Utopia”, much like Professor X’s idea of the school for the gifted, where the main operating base was hidden by the school. This is when the mass mutant population were still hiding. Utopia is supposed to be a safe place for all mutants to live without fear of the intolerance of human nature. Like all other adaptations the X-men want to protect the innocent which includes both mutants and non-mutants alike.

In this comic book “X-Men-Schism” there is still fear. Fear from non-mutants over what they don’t understand, or really just fear of the difference between the mutants and humans. Most mutants have different powers or skills, some being are able to shoot lasers out of their eyes, some can project their thoughts into your mind, some can move objects with a thought from their mind, while some just have metal blades that come out of their skin to destroy you with. It is somewhat understandable that the humans fear the mutants, but the lack of willingness to understand the people who are foreign to them really highlights the lack of tolerance that human nature truly possesses.

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Marvel Comics Created the X-Men


The X-Men Movie

When X-Men the movie was released in 2011, it received a lot of controversy from longtime fans. Some complained about plot changes, others complained about character changes or new developments to the characters that veered away from the classical adaptation of X-Men. Others disagreed, arguing that although the characters and plot may not be completely consistent, the underlying theme of the entire X-Men series remained intact throughout all of the different adaptations (IMDb, 2011).

My perception of the X-Men does not change just because the time changes and some of the characters are different. I have always been a fan of the X-men. I feel that although this adaptation has several changes in main location as well as characters, it is still able to capture the spirit of the original X-Men- the premise has remained the same. Fighting to end intolerance of cultural and racial differences seems like it will never end.

X-Men: First Class

X-Men Days of Future of Past

X-Men Days of Future Past is the 2014 cinematic version of the Marvel comic book directed by Bryan Singer. The screenplay for the film was written by Simon Kinberg.

X-Men Days of Future Past stars Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellan and Hugh Jackman.

In this version of the comic book, the X-Men send Wolverine to the past in a desperate effort to change history and prevent an event that results in doom for both the humans as well as the mutants.

Days of Future Past is a sequel to the 2006 X-Men movie The Last Stand, and a follow-up to the 2011 movie X-Men: First-Class.

X-Men: Days of Future Past Trailer

X-Men Collection

The Differences Between the X-Men Comics and the X-Men Movies

The reason for the differences between the adaptation and the source material is just “time”. This version takes place in the future after the big war between the mutant and human races. Although the movie may not have been the most successful adaptation of the X-Men story, it had a broader crowd and appealed to a wider audience, mostly people who would not notice the differences between the various adaptations of the story. I don’t think the movie was unsuccessful however, because it still was able to deliver the same message that the comic books and the cartoon tried to convey- that we are all the same.


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