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Writing Prompts of the Week


Every writer struggles with writer’s block. Sometimes they just don’t have a fresh idea in mind, other times, they’re in the middle of writing a story but don’t know where to take it. Other writers don’t run out of ideas, but love being challenged. And some writers simply like variety.

Sometimes prompts just don’t click. Believe me: I used to hate when teachers would give us writing prompts in class. They would always be too specific, too vague, or even too restrictive. Plus, we would always have a time limit. However, on the days that the prompts did work for me, I felt like I could write a novel. I would return home and just continue writing whatever it was that I had started. I want to share that feeling with as many of you as possible; it’s why I want to start sharing weekly writing prompts with you.

Here it goes.

Sunday, February 14th - Valentine's day!

I know I’m being predictable with this one, but given that it’s Valentine’s day, I thought we could start with a little bit of romance. But here’s the catch: instead of writing about people who just met and are falling in love, write about a couple who has been together for multiple years. How do they keep the spark alive? Is there any romance left? What little attentions from their significant other do they enjoy?


You can look for inspiration from your own relationship or your hopes for the future. Even better, look over to the role-model couples in your life and try to put yourself in their shoes.

Monday, February 15th

February 15th to February 21st is Random Acts of Kindness week. What do you consider as kind? Is anyone capable of kindness? Are there moments when kindness isn’t appreciated? Does anything happen after the act or do you just move on? Make up a story or write about one of your own experiences with random acts of kindness.


Tuesday, February 16th

To all the really creative minds out there: this one is for you. For this prompt, invent an object! It could be a tool, a toy, a new type of clothing, food… anything really, as long as it’s something you can hold in your hands or touch. Tell the story of its invention or of its downfall. Or, for an extra challenge, try showing us what it is without telling us directly!


Don’t know where to start? Think of something you use every day. Now, think of its flaws. How would you improve it? What other features could it have?

Wednesday, February 17th

As most of you are aware, February is Black History Month. For this, write about someone who is a major player in Black History, or about someone you know who you believe will make history because of their social activism.

Write to inform people about what has happened in the past. Write to inspire people to do better in the future.

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Thursday, February 18th

On Thursdays, I will be posting what I believe is the toughest prompt of the week. Why is it the toughest? Because there are so many ways to interpret this prompt.


This week, let yourself be inspired by the colour purple. Does it make you think of someone? Does it make you feel something? Does it evoke a sense?

Write a story that incorporates the colour purple in some way. It could be subtle or plain obvious. It’s all up to you.

Friday, February 19th

Today, let all your accumulated anger out by writing about a fight. For this prompt, you once again have a lot of freedom. You don’t have to write about a physical fight: it could be a verbal fight; it could be an internal fight; it could be a fight between two mystical creatures that nobody has ever heard about; it could be about cockfighting if you’re into that. All that matters is that you let it all out and that you don’t hold back.


Saturday, February 20th

On Saturdays, we take a break from creativity and focus on practicing. After all, practice makes perfect!


This week, chose a story that you’ve already been working on. From it, select a passage or a whole chapter, and rewrite it in the 2nd person point of view. For instance, “He entered the dark room, not knowing what he would find” will become: “You entered the dark room, not knowing what you would find.”

If you don’t feel like doing this to your own work, pull a book out at random from your bookshelf and do it with one of the scenes inside.

Most importantly, after this exercise, reflect on the impact of reading in the 2nd person point-of-view and compare it to the more common 1st and 3rd person narratives we are used to reading.

All this said, I really hope you will enjoy these prompts, even if you only try one or two of them, and I can’t wait to share seven more with you next week.

© 2021 Noémi Blom

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