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Writing Prompts for Highschoolers

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Often it is hard for younger and less experienced writers to figure out what they want to write. An easy way to force oneself to be creative is to use prompts. Prompts can be slices of dialogue, scenes, or just an idea, that you use to kickstart your own ideas. They can be very useful for writing short stories, poems, or scenes, but can also be applied to larger stories. Sometimes the best way to get the creative juices flowing is to write something that doesn't take as much though, and that's where prompts come in. Here are 20 free prompts aimed at highschool students.


Prompt List

  1. A character wakes up to find their hair has completely changed
  2. A couple has broken up and are discussing what they'll do with a prized book
  3. Three people can't decide on where to get dinner
  4. Someone says, "They don't sell my favorite candy anymore."
  5. Someone falls through another person's ceiling
  6. The sun has stopped setting forever. What happens?
  7. A character is stuck in a time freeze
  8. A character accidentally spills something on her wedding dress and stains it
  9. An animal learns how to speak human and decides to use this for evil
  10. Fishing from the perspective of the fish
  11. Describe your clothing as if you're the clothing itself
  12. A room that stretches on forever
  13. A boy has to choose between two of his favorite things
  14. A girl sees something everyone thought was just a myth
  15. A tiny being lives in a pizza box
  16. "I've never been a fan of the woods."
  17. A swarm of butterflies covers a town
  18. A vampire fights a frog man
  19. A man befriends an animal at the park
  20. An amusement park gets a new mysterious ride
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