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World Patriotism (Poem)


I first started this poem right after 9/11

I couldn’t believe it happened under our heaven

I felt hurt enough to love all people

I wanted to shout out from the highest steeple;

We need to love to please our God

Not to love each other

as He Commands is so despairingly odd.

Right now the world needs patriotism

All people for each and one another,

No more for greediness and hatred,

But be more of a sister and of a brother,

Bring love, good spirit and peace

To prevail among us all,

To become and remain friendly

In a world to never crumble and fall,

This should be a world democracy

To love our neighbours as ourselves

We all were created equal

Why live to go to hells

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Cheating to get ahead

is to no benefit

it’s the quickest way to be dead

And being the devil’s advocate

A degenerate in this world

is non conformity,

You may be well educated

but is a danger for you and me,

If a hater can turn around

and feel the love from you,

may smile instead of frown

and gain a changed point of view.

Your Heart Was Made out of Love

Is your heart void because you don't love as you should? Terrible things are happening because of a lack of love in society. If more of us showed love then may be someone would not go on a shooting rampage. That Boston Marathon Bomber looked like he wouldn't hurt a flee. Why would he participate in hurting other human beings? May be at some point in time, he did receive the love that he should have been given. I had no idea of what his nationality was. It wouldn't have mattered. He is a human being that God wants me to love period. Get my drift? If everyone that can love would've shown it to all they encounter then a lot of mass murder and murders would have been avoided. Let's face it: Worldly life is considered Satanic. Some people are very easily hurt and some of the hurt ones can easily feel like they want to retaliate toward anybody. Their own relatives can be in the mist of their offensive rage. Everyone has the responsibility to love and show it so that no one feels left out. That is one way of healing this world.


Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on November 01, 2014:

9/11 is another day which will live in infamy. It would be wonderful if all peoples of the world would learn to get along with one another. It is a worthy dream and goal.

Al Wordlaw (author) from Chicago on July 13, 2014:

Hi Raine, I'm glad you appreciate my stance and poem on world patriotism. We are to be free but not enough to violate the rights of others. Like the poetry book that I authored some years ago, "Love Is Our Law." We are obligated to love each other according to God's creation and precepts. Thank you for stopping by.

Raine Law Yuen from Cape Town on July 13, 2014:

You are so right about Love being the key to changing the path of mankind. I think God is pure Love - so when we live with Love in our hearts, we naturally express Gods energy through our being. Love your last verse. Its what I teach my children. You can only change darkness with light.

Devika Primić from Dubrovnik, Croatia on July 05, 2014:

Great thoughtful words from you here and so true about life.

Al Wordlaw (author) from Chicago on July 05, 2014:

Thanks suni for a great response. Terrorists seem to take life for granted. They need love urgently. If I was confronted by a terrorist I'd give him/her love because that's all I have to give. With love comes everything good that is being sought. Have a very blessed day!

Sunil Kumar Kunnoth from Calicut (Kozhikode, South India) on July 05, 2014:

A good poem containing a great message, 9/11 was a black day in history. Like US, our nation India too is under great threat from terrorists, Our city Mumbai (Bombay) came under attack several wonder. We need to fight against the bloody war created by these notorious terrorists. Let's stand together and be alert more. Love can create any magic. Let's pray god for a peaceful life all over the world. Thank you for sharing a wonderful topic.

Al Wordlaw (author) from Chicago on July 05, 2014:

Hey Jodah, Thank you, you are so right. Harboring fear and hatred does more harm to the ones harboring such feelings and therefore, are in vain.

John Hansen from Australia (Gondwana Land) on July 05, 2014:

There is a very important message here word55. 9/11 was a terrible tragedy. We all need to be of one mind and love our fellow man instead of harbouring fear and hatred. We desperately need world patriotism.

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