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Words to Pierce the Soul with Wonder

New Day Dawning

As another day is dawning, untouched and freshly new

I pray blessings are sent on everything you do

And may the brand new morning turn to a wonderful day

When all the things you wish for will surely come your way

As I sip my fresh brewed coffee,

thoughts of you have crossed my mind

I'm sending morning greetings and hope your day is fine

Today is filled with sunshine like the friendship we two share

My day will be just dandy--I'll pretend that I am there.

How I Hope It Becomes

Wish For You

And a blissful morning I send to you as well;

hoping you are safe and sound in that place of hell.

I hate that you are there with war no end in sight;

never knowing for certain if all will turn out right.

I pray that the Great Spirit keeps a protective hand on you,

let your day be uneventful and a tomorrow to come anew.

As I read your poem today, a big smile did light my face

I wish that you were here instead of that awful place

I know you hope as well, that soon you shall be here

The smiling faces around you, will be of those you hold so dear.

So keep this poem with you to read time and again

Let it keep your spirits high when doom and gloom tries to set in.

A reminder that I am there with you when you feel alone

And in no time at all, from that place you will be gone.

Surrounded by love and laughter, a new chapter to begin

With someone that you hope will be more than just a friend.

Peace and Contentment


A Brand New Day

Shadows of yesterday have faded away...

Sun has reappeared,it's a brand new day...

Birds singing their song loud and clear

Announcing to the world a new day is here...

It is a bright beautiful day...

Sun appears in the east has begun a new quest

In the middle at noon and then sets in the west...

Wishing you contentment and peace along the way.

Thank you for everything you have done for me...

My special wish is that you'll have a good day

And i hope things are pleasant with each step of the way...

A day filled with sunshine,no clouds overhead,

Feelings of peace as you climb out of bed...

Enjoy the fresh air,be good to yourself,find time to relax...

We only live once...

A good morning hug for you,

Wrapped up in love with big smiles too...

Have a good day from beginning till end.

I am very sorry i wasn't able to spend

Much time talking to you.

Magical Dreams


Don't Be Weary, Rest Your Head

Rest you must, of this I demand 
let tiredness fall like hourglass sand. 
Dream of me as I dream of you 
skies so bright shiny and blue
Field of clover as your bed, 
down upon which you lay your head
Think of me and I shall be near, 
Holding you close so loving and dear
We live each second in the now, 
Never knowing why or how
The moment to come is not ever clear, 
so take this moment to cherish--no fear
And if the time comes that we shall meet, 
a happier time we can then greet
But as you are so far away, 
I hope to see you soon one day
If that's my fate and I hope it is, 
I'll put to your lips a loving kiss.

© 2014 Ashel Ladyhawke


Ashel Ladyhawke (author) from California on October 12, 2014:

Thanks Eddy. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Eiddwen from Wales on October 10, 2014:

Beautiful words here which I vote up and share without a doubt. I now look forward to many more by you.


John Hansen from Queensland Australia on October 08, 2014:

Hi ashelladyhawk, some beautiful and touching poetry here, and great images. Well done.