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Word Prompts Help Creativity ~ Week 7 (Hope)

I am a writer. My passion is poetry. I feel words connect people together and help us to understand the feelings we share.

Article Summary

Word prompts helps Creativity / Week 7 is a new series I am writing each week where I challenge Hubbers to write a poem or short story from a single word prompt. So far it has been alot of fun to see the diversity of what this word conjures up inside our minds. It usually sparks quite a variety.

"Writing Poems: Three Strategies for Getting Started by Interlochen Center for the Arts"


Our Experience with Covid-19 Vaccine

We've anxiously been waiting for our second Covid-19 vaccine.

Wednesday the day arrives. We have no immediate reactions, but after 5 hours we think Mike Tyson paid us a visit. Our arms, where the injection was given, feels like it's been beaten.

The only other noticeable problem is my runny nose & we both feel tired.

The next morning things take a turn for the worse. We both feel like a Mac truck hit us. We have body aches, sweats, chills and a bad cough.

He also has vomiting with chills so bad his body is shaking. His fever spikes to 102.8 but we manage to bring it down with a sponge bath.

On Friday he is fine. No fever and feeling good. I am still tired with a bad cough and chills.

On Saturday I am better, but still battling a cough.

Regardless of our reactions, I'm still happy we got the Covid-19 vaccines. I urge everyone to get theirs when it is offered. We need to band together to fight this invisble monster.

Just be prepared to not feel good for a few days. Have some easy to prepare foods, basic cold remedies and a thermometer nearby. You may not feel like winning any races.


My Inspiration

It doesn't take much to spark my inspiration.

We stopped at a local diner for breakfast after our second covid vaccine and I sneezed when we sat down in the booth. Possibly from the disinfectant they use to clean the tables, but the waitress said, " God Bless You."

That got those wheels turning in my brain. I needed to know where this saying originated.

Thus my article, "Cold, Allergy or Flu: God Bless You. "

Then the other day I was in the kitchen mixing up a meatloaf when this thought crossed my mind.

If the price is right, this can all be yours.

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So needless to say, I jotted down a few quick lines until I can get back to it. I'm certain I will finish this one day soon.

The point I'm trying to make is that there is always an idea out there. Sometimes we just make it too hard on ourselves, trying to come up with that perfect one.

So instead of racking our overworked brains, let's just have some fun writing. Grab an idea that is floating nearby and jot down a few lines.

So let's embark on our next journey. Are you ready to create your next masterpiece?

Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.”

— Desmond Tutu

Word Prompt = Hope

The word prompt for this week is "Hope."

After reading everyone's work from last week this word just keeps springing to mind.

In today's world people tend to look at things in a negative way instead of having hope for a better outcome.

We need more hope in the world.

Maybe a steak of bad luck comes to an end or you get a long awaited pay raise.

There are so many possibilities with this one.

So grab your pens and start jotting down a few lines.

I can feel those thoughts churning. Some are funny while others are full of inspiration.

I can't wait to read them all.

I will post this under the news feed at least three times a day. Please try to put a link to your work there so I don't miss anyone.

Have fun and be creative.


Highlights of The Week

Everyone's work this week is sensational!

I think our friend and Hubber Misbah says it best.

"Everyone paints a d