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Word Prompts Help Creativity ~ Week 57 (Seasons)

I am a writer. My passion is poetry. I feel words connect people together and help us to understand the feelings we share.

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"Word Prompts Help Creativity ~ Week 57 (Seasons)" is an article I write to help inspire our creativity.

I choose a single word prompt encouraging others to write a poem, a short story, a song, or any combination.

Poet Sarah Kay's Brief but Spectacular take on Poetry ~ by PBS NewsHour"


Seasons are Changing

Yikes! I think Summer is coming to a close.

The weather is starting to get a bit cooler with the temperatures in the 60's & 70's during the day and 40's at night.

Actually last night it went down to 39.

I'm not sure I'm ready for the change, but as usual, I have no choice.

I'm starting to understand that there is a certain order to everything in the world.

So, it doesn't matter what we do. It's like the way our zodiac signs control our demeanor.

Everything eventually circles back.

We can do nothing but accept the outcome. Each season has a time to arrive.



Do What Works Best For You

Inspiration comes to each one of us in different ways.

We don't need to force it. When the time is right, the words will flow naturally.

For some of of us, that means complete silence. Sitting in a room with no sounds until the moment strikes.

For others, we need to have the television blaring or hear constant noise to convince our muse to start thinking.

Sometimes, it's a quiet walk in the park or sitting in our backyard watching those little things that spark our imagination.

For me, I seem to jot down ideas, no matter where I am.

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The point is, it doesn't matter.

We all have a perfect way that suits each one of us.

So, stop listening to everyone else and do what works best for you.

Word Prompt = Seasons

This week I've chosen the word "Seasons" for our prompt.

"Seasons" can have a variety of meanings.

The first one we tend to think about is how the weather changes through the year.

Here in the United States we have four seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn (fall), and Winter.

"Seasons" can also describe the spices we use to give our food a bit of taste. Like salt and pepper, or the many other herbs and spices.

Then there are the "Seasons" of life where everything we encounter seems to affect the way we live.

Sometimes our mindset changes and our actions follow suit.

How long each season stays with us depends on the reflection in our state of mind.

There are also "Seasons" when it comes to television shows. We have that certain series that we anxiuosly await to see.

There is also the practice of "Seasons" when it comes to drying out wood before we burn it in our fireplaces or outdoors.

I think this word gives us a vast variety, and maybe there are a few other definitions I've even missed.

I can't wait to see what this word inspires.

So, let's pick up our pens and jot down a few lines.

Nature gives to every time and season

some beauties of its own.

— Charles Dickens

"Terry Jacks ~ Seasons in The Sun"

"The Seasons Song ~ Kids Songs ~ by Super Simple Songs"

Highlights This Week


Highlights about World Hunger

The poems and stories written for the word prompt "Hunger" really describe the vast meanings of the word.

We hunger to share time with our loved ones, just as much as we feel the need to end hunger throughout the world.

Chitrangada Sharan has written a very good article describing how "Hunger" is perhaps the greatest curse a person can have in life.

Please take time to read her work, "World Without Hunger."

Today, President Biden of The United States has issued a goal to end hunger by the year 2030.

Personally, I think 2030 is way too far away. I don't understand how it could possibly take this long if everyone worked together.


John Hansen ~ "Hunger Is Not A Game ~ But it can be Poetry"

John Hansen's poem "The Hunger" reminds me of the movie "Cast Aways" where Tom Hanks is deserted on an island by himself.

Except he made a friend with a coconut and John tosses his deceased friends overboard to give himself time to survive.

It's still a realistic view of what might happen, but then in the end he has amnesia and doesn't remember a thing.

His poem, "Hunger For You" is an excellent poem. It describes how one feels when he is missing someone he loves.

We miss those all those moments we shared together.

We even yearn to touch them again.

His words describe it perfectly.

In his piece, "I'm Hungry" he reminds us how we don't think of what is important until later.

We may feel hungry, but the answer in right in front of us.

We need to appreciate the things we have and not take anything for granted.

To read John's exciting piece follow the link below.


"Hunger in Life and Love" ~ by Pamela Oglesby

Pamela Oglesby writes us a piece of work showing us how we feel when it comes to love and living our life.

We have a special hunger.

In her poem, "Hunger For Times Lost" she shows us how we long to make time last a bit longer, to cherish each and every moment with the one's we love.

Time seems to move so slow when we are young but then it speeds up as we get older.

In her Acrostic poem, "World Hunger" she shows us that if we are not selfish & share with others we can make a big difference. No matter how small it might seem to us.

In her Haiku, "Love Lost" she tells us how we miss the one who is no longer in our lives.

We have a hunger that is like no other.

Please take a moment to enjoy Pamela's words and the videos she's included.

It is life changing thoughts that we all need to feel.

  • Hunger Poems About Love and Life
    There is a narrative poem about longing for the past loves of life. There is also an acoustic poem about world hunger and one haiku. ~ Pamela Oglesby

"The Hungry Beggar" ~ by Ravi Rajan

Ravi Rajan has written us a definitely a different type of story, " The Hungry Beggar.' It is one which we should all listen to and take to heart.

In the beginning you will be so drawn to the man who seems to be a beggar with nothing, but then his story begins with him being an artist which takes this story into a different direction.

Then the ending will blow you away.

A terrorist plot has been foiled.

It's well worth you're time to read this one.

Follow the link below.

  • The Hungry Beggar
    A short story inspired by Brenda Arledge’s week 56 prompt “Hunger” by Ravi Rajan

Poet Ann Waldman gives advice to Young Writers~ by Louisiana Channel "

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  • Word Prompts Help Creativity ~ Week 56
    "Word Prompts Help Creativity ~ Week 56" is an article I write to help inspire our creativity. I choose a single word prompt encouraging others to write a poem, a short story, a song, or any combination.

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