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Word Prompts Help Creativity ~ Week 52

I am a writer. My passion is poetry. I feel words connect people together and help us to understand the feelings we share.

Article Summary

"Word Prompts Help Creativity ~ Week 52" is an article I write to help inspire our creativity.

I choose a single word prompt encouraging others to write a poem, a short story, a song, or any combination.

"Stephen King's Writing Tips / Writing Adbice From Famous Authors ~ by Kieren Westwood"


Go Around the Detours

The best laid plans can lead to problems we're not ready to deal with, for around each corner in life there are detours.

Sometimes, it seems like the more I try, the more I meet obstacles on my path.

Just like the other day, I hired someone to fix a problem for me.

An old chimney that hasn't been in use for years has been leaking inside the house. So, I wanted to close it off from the outside.

I ordered a duct cap to cover up the opening and thought I was all set.

To my surprise, I woke up to stormy weather and found not one leak but four.

My hands were tied. There was absolutely nothing anyone could do at that very moment.

I had to accept the situation.

I handled it the best way I could by moving furniture and placing couple of buckets below the steady drips.

I reminded myself that no matter what happens in life, we need to make the best of the situation.

If a roadblock comes your way, deal with it. Then find a way to go around it.



There's no better place to find inspiration than inside our own heart.

Each day we encounter situations that are unique.

They make us feel emotions like sadness, happiness, confusion, fear or anger.

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We can draw from these experiences and write the perfect poem or novel.

Just sit down and let yourself truly feel these sentiments.

How do they make you feel?

Why do you feel this way?

Is there anything you can do to change the outcome?

If you had the chance, would you do anything differently?

Does it make you angry or fearful?

Are you happy or sad?

Or are you confused?

Do you know which direction to turn next?

After you have answered these questions, expand on each idea.

Tell us why you feel the way you do.

Give us an example, like with a metaphor.

Such as, my heart feels like a dark cloud is looming, but the sky is vibrant blue.

I feel confused like I'm going the right direction, but the map shows my footsteps are headed on the right path.

Tell us your story.

Paint us a picture with your words, so we can understand what you are feeling at this very moment.

Word Prompt = Adapt

I just realized that this week's word prompt marks the 52nd week, which marks one year for this series.

As it thought about it, I decided to choose the word prompt, "Adapt", because if there is one thing we know as's how to adapt to the changes here on Hubpages.

"Adapt" means to change our behavior so that it's easier function in a particular place or situation.

Let's face it, we've all learned how to manage on this site without the ability to comment.

But there are also many times in life that we are forced to adapt to our situations.

Maybe there is a birth or death in the family.

Or we just got promoted to a new job.

Perhaps we just moved to a new neighborhood or are attending a new school.

Maybe we've recently retired or lost a steady income and must learn to adjust to our new reality.

Or we must adapt to changes in the weather as each season changes.

But if you like me and live in Ohio, the calendar can play tricks on you. We can have snow one day and hot temperatures the next.

Not to mention, this Covid Era that has forced us into a different way of life.

Life constantly changes and we modify the way react to each situation.

So let's see what we can come up with for this one. Let's pick up our pens and jot down a few lines.

Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.

— Stephen Hawking

"Together We Adapt" by HSBC Hong Kong



My heart is touched by the fact that many of you missed my word prompt series.

I am totally thrilled with everyone's responses.

We had alot of submissions for the word prompt "Chance."

We even had a new Hubber join us this week. Please give a warm welcome to Ruby Campos.

Be sure to check out her writing for the word prompt, "Chance" in her articles "Chances Are Not Forever." & "A Chance Is..."


"Chance" ~ Poems by Misbah Sheikh

Misbah Sheikh shows us that "you have to fail so you can practice being brave."

In her poem, "We All Take Chances"
She shows us that everything that happens in our life is actually a chance that we're taking and each moment we get braver.

Her poem , "Phoenix" shows us just how hard life can be.

We are faced with many challenges ~ joyous moments as well as sad ones.

There are times our eyes cry like the ocean and we fear what a new day might bring, but we see God as he reaches for us and guides us Towards a new tomorrow.

We can remove obstacles standing in our way and start over once again.

In the silence we see our chance ~ we see tomorrow, yesterday, and today.

In her poem, "Moments of Happiness!" she teaches us to grab those moments of happiness whether they are planned or spontaneous.

Each moment is rare and beautiful. So take the chance.

Her poem, "All My Joys Against a Rainy Background!" shows us when we are faced with days of sadness we can overcome them.

It may seem like we are surrounded with sadness and days that will never end.

We feel like the rain is pouring down on our lives but suddenly we we see a light shine and everything sparkles.

It is then that we know everything is gonna be OK.

In her poem, "Is There Something Like ‘Second Chance’?" She shows us that we are all human. We all make mistakes and and if by chance you get offered offered a redo ~ grab it.

Her work, "Second Chance!" teaches us the sometimes it takes something really hard in life. Something Drastic to make us want to change.

To make someone try to be better it be better to prove that they deserve a second chance.

To read Misbah Sheikh's work, please follow the link below.


Never Let A Chance Go By ~ John Hansen

John Hansen reminds us there are times life calls out for us to take a chance.

He gives us an excellent video choice by Celine dion.

His poem, "Take your chances" fills our heart with inspiration.

It's hard sometimes to break away from the normal routine that we've come to know, but sometimes it's just what we need to do.

His acrostic Poem "Chance" ~ Totally grasp just what it is to take a chance.

Every moment could be gone in one fleeting instance. We need to grasp the chance if we want to take it.

John's poem, "Living on the Volcano" truly shows how most of us feel.

Sometimes it's easier to stay where we are, so we rock the boat.

Sometimes chances aren't what we think they're going to be and we end up drowning in them.

We try to stay safe, hoping it will go well.

He shares a great quote with us:

You can't go through life protecting yourself from everything. You have to take chances. Because if you don't, then you may as well not be living.
— Unknown

All of his videos are wonderful.

Daughtry ~ One last chance is a good song too.

Don't miss the chance to read John Hansen's work on this word prompt, " Chance." Follow the link below.

  • Never Let a Chance Go By ~ Poetry to Inspire and Encourage
    This poetry is inspired by the word prompt "chance." Many of us, unfortunately, are afraid to take chances. We often feel safer just staying where we are in the security of our current lifestyle, job etc. But sometimes life just cries out for you to

"Famous Writers Talk Ideas! ~ Stephen King, John Irving, & Alan Hollinghurst reveal their secrets" by The Write Channel

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