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Word Prompts Help Creativity ~ Week 51 (Chance)

I am a writer. My passion is poetry. I feel words connect people together and help us to understand the feelings we share.

Article Summary

"Word Prompts Help Creativity ~ Week 51 (chance)" is an article I write to help inspire our creativity.

I choose a single word prompt encouraging others to write a poem, a short story, a song, or any combination.

"To Be A Poet" by Aubrey Marcus


Thank You All

I cannot express in words how much my Hubber family means to me.

You have all touched my heart with many blessings during this trying time.

I appreciate each and everyone of your kind thoughts.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

There's still a long way to go with the lawyer and Ron's will. Plus I have alot of unpacking and packing to do yet. Not to mention this old house and a few problems that need immediate attention, but it's time for me to get back to a normal life.

I have no doubt that Ron would encourage me to keep writing.

So, let's give it a try.

Just know that I will be a bit slower to respond and the next week's word prompt might be a bit late.



I want to encourage each and everyone of you to take a chance when it comes to your writing.

If you dream of having your work published, then take the chance.

Don't put it off until you have more time, because quite honestly we don't know how much time we have left.

Take advantage of each moment and make it count.

Look around for publishing opportunities & grants. Take that leap of faith and make your dreams come true.

One of our Hubbers, Shauna Bowling, took that chance many years ago with the publication of her book, “Hearts and Rainbows, A Poetic Look at Life" by Shauna Bowling.

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Around Christmas she took the time to mail me a copy. Thank you Shauna for your kindness.

She told me these poems were written when she was in her teens and twenties, so some of the words might seem amateurish, but I've
read each one of her poems and I’m quite impressed.

She put alot of time and detail in this book. She included a cover page, a Table of Contents, and an elegant cover with more information about herself printed on the back.

Yes, there are a few poems that sound like they are written from her younger days, but for the most part they are astonishing.

A few seem more like quotes on life’s moments, but they are strong & wise words.

Shauna seems to write from the heart as she pours her words onto the page and that makes a great writer.

A few of my favorites are:

“Love Changes”
“Love Creates Life”
“Becoming One With The Sun”
“Death Breeds Life”
“The Wind”
“You Are Your Own Best Friend”
“The Togetherness of Two Wills”
“The Gift of Life”
“Rose-Colored Glasses”
“Mermaid Ride”
“Eyes Never Lie”

If you’d like to have a copy, please press the link below.

Word Prompt = Chance

The wait is finally over. The word prompt for this week is "Chance."

This word keeps popping up in my mind. Maybe it's because life keeps reminding me just how short life can be.

There was a head on car crash near my town last week which took the lives of two people instantly.

Then Dwayne Haskins, a former Ohio State Quarterback was struck and killed by a dump truck while walking along a highway in Florida.

Apparently his vehicle had run out of gas. He was only twenty four.

So, we really don't know how long we have to finish our dreams.

My advice: "If you have something you want to do, Do it!

Make each moment count.

There may not be another day. Take a chance."

"Chance" is the possibility of something happening.

If we don't try, we'll never know for sure.

I don't know about you, but those what ifs keep me awake at night.

Sometimes all it takes is that second chance.

So, let's pick up our pens and jot down a few lines.

Maybe by chance, we'll write a masterpiece or two.

"Cody Johnson ~ Til You Can't"

Freedom is Nothing but the Chance to be Better.

— Albert Camus


Highlights This Week

I was amazed how everyone's writing really reached out and spoke directly to my heart.

It is as if each of you truly understand the emotions that are pouring through my soul.

Misbah Sheikh shows us in her work, "An Incomplete Puzzle" how we faced one heck of a struggle. We tried to put the pieces together, hoping to solve this puzzle, but the day came when I found myself alone.

Now I'm breaking down in bits, but I'll keep our promises.

Alyssa Nichol writes "A Missing Piece" which shows us how we tend to get lost when we're searching for answers.

Pamela Oglesby tells us in her poetry, "Mystery of Life - Lost Puzzle Piece" that just when we believe we are beat the solution appears and everything works out.

Gianella Labrador shows us in her writing, "The Missing Puzzle Piece That Have Completed Me-Stery" that no matter how hard things seem, the pieces of the puzzle do come together.

Diana L. Pierce describes in her piece, "Puzzle is A Moment" how each one of us solves puzzles in life differently.

John Hansen tells us in his work, "The Jigsaw We Call Life" that we sometimes feel like rhe missing piece of the puzzle.

Vidya D Sagar shows us in her piece, "Life Is A Puzzle" that we often struggle until we get the pieces to fit together.


The Jigsaw We Call Life ~ John Hansen

In John Hansen's collection of poems "The Jigsaw We Call Life" he dedicates his work to me and Ron.

I am so truly touched with your words and dedication. Thank you, John.

"The Puzzle's Missing Piece" shows us how sometimes we feel like a missing piece of a puzzle.

No matter what we do, we don't fit in.

We can change to make it seem like we belong, but then we aren't ourselves.

We must keep going and release ourselves. We can find our perfect place because we are each unique.

In "The Maze of No Return" you point out how vast this world really is and how we are only a small piece of the puzzle.

We shouldn't take anything for granted. Life can change in one glimpse.

Enjoy the journey. Give and take. Be happy with what you have while you try to find your place because it can slip away fast.

Just as you find the place you're meant to be, your time might be up.
You could be that missing piece of the puzzle where there is no return.

"The Crossword Puzzle" shows us how we feel proud inside when we figure out the solution to the puzzle.

Each answer seems easy until we get stumped.

Then we take a glimpse at the answers just to get us back on track.

In "Puzzle ~ an Acrostic Poem" you show us how puzzles can be alot of fun unless you're a monk meditating on a mountain.

Even a Zebra can play tic-tac-toe.

To read John's collection of poems follow the link below.


"Life Is A Puzzle" by Vidya D. Sagar

Vidya D. Sagar's work touched my heart.

The words she wrote seem to explain how I feel inside. I am trusting God to show me the way.

In her article she tells us how puzzles help during a crisis by providing us emotional comfort.

Like in these times of the pandemic while we are isolated & lonely.

She shares with us the fact that she listens to podcasts & videos about keeping our brains healthy when she can't sleep.

Solving puzzles help by keeping the brain active.

Her favorite is crossword puzzles.

She tell us that Life is like a puzzle for we struggle until we get all the pieces to fit together.

Remembering the Almighty has a bigger plan in store for us helps us to have confidence to keep going.

Her poem, "Poem-Life is a Puzzle - Response to Brenda Arledge’s Word Prompt Week 50" brought tears to my eyes.

She tells us how we're often confused during times of despair.

We can't understand why God hasn't heard our pleas. We feel lost and alone fighting our battles.

Then we realize he has a much bigger plan for our life.

We know our tears won't go to waste as we feel the comfort of his love guide us in the direction he wants us to go.

He will help us put the pieces of life's puzzle together as he shows us the plan for our life.

Our soul will no longer feel weary.

Then she tells us how solving puzzles benefit us by relieving stress.

In her poem about how puzzles benefit children she tells us how they help children to develop social skills.

They also help with hand & eye coordination by sharpening their memory as they gain intelligence.

To read Vidya's work, please follow the link below.

"4Tips to Prepare Poetry for your Best Performance ~ Map It Out! by Arts Orange County"

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