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Word Prompts Help Creativity ~ Week 45 (Snowflake)

I am a writer. My passion is poetry. I feel words connect people together and help us to understand the feelings we share.

Article Summary

Word Prompts Help Creativity ~ Week 45" is an article I write to help inspire our creativity.

I choose a single word prompt encouraging others to write a poem, a short story, a song, or any combination.

"Patrick Rothfuss's Writing Process (Wisconsin Writes) ~ Wisconsin DPI"


Life Is Like A Puzzle

This past week we began putting puzzles together.

Trust me, one needs a bit of patience to accomplish this one.

So far, we've manged to finish two of them.

Believe it or not, this activity is actually relaxing, despite the frustration of not finding the right pieces.

It helps keep those brain cells functioning as you devise a plan to put the big picture together.

It reminds me of life and how we struggle to put the right pieces together.

Try as we might, some of them just don't fit. Then we must go back to the drawing board and start over.

There are times we want to toss in the towel, but in the long run it only makes everything more complicated.

No matter what, we should see things through until the end.

We might even learn a thing or two as we discover its purpose.


Show, Don't Tell

We can easily find inspiration. Our eyes see countless items each and everyday.

We just need to look at them from a new angle and bring them to life with our words.

Maybe it's a new flower blooming in the flowerbed or snow drifting in the backyard.

Look at whatever the object is and tell me what you feel. Does it make you jump with joy or does it bring a tear to your eye?

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Don't forget to use your five senses: touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste.

Show us what you hear. Maybe it's a thundering roll of a train passing over the nearby railroad tracks.

Or your lips taste nature's nectar as you bite into a ripe apple fresh from the tree.

Maybe you just sliced your first home grown tomato of the season. Describe that delicious taste.

During the holidays we often buy or receive new clothes. Tell us how the material feels against your skin.

When you step outside in the morning, describe what you smell? Is the air crisp and fresh or has a skunk left his mark behind.

Have fun and remember to show, don't tell.

Word Prompt = Snowflake

This week I've chosen the word "Snowflake."

It's been snowing lately in places which rarely see any snow while leaving those who are used to it out in the cold with none.

Definitely a rare season for the record books.

First I want to say a word to John Hansen & other Hubbers who don't have the opportunity to enjoy a snowflake....

"I'm sorry, but I think your muse can handle this challenge.

Just let your creative juices flow and dream a bit."

A snowflake is a single ice crystal that falls through the Earth's atmosphere as snow.

It seems so beautiful and serene as it hangs over the branches of a tree or drifts in an open field.

It's like a Thomas Kinkade or Norman Rockwell painting, but it's right on front of your eyes.

Maybe that one snowflake has turned into a blizzard and you find yourself digging out.

Or you've went outside to have a bit of fun making snow angels or trying your hand at building an igloo.

Maybe your car slid off the road into a ditch and your trying to get back to saftey.

Or you've just made a batch of homemade ice cream from scratch using the newly fallen snowflakes.

You be the guide. Let your muse decide which direction to turn and write us a masterpiece.

So let's pick up our pens and jot down a few lines.

Even the strongest blizzards start with a single snowflake.

— Sara Raasch

"Snowflake ~ by Jim Reeves"

"The Snowflake Mystery ~ by Veritasium - Dr Ken Libbrecht:

  • The Snowflake Mystery - YouTube
    Dr Ken Libbrecht is the world expert on snowflakes, designer of custom snowflakes, snowflake consultant for the movie Frozen - his photos appear on postage s...

Highlights This Week

We've definitely learned that patience is a good virtue.

It's great to remain calm in the face of adversity.

Those who don't know how to be patient can actually practice and teach themselves.

Things like waiting in a doctor's office or being caught in a traffic jam can make our heads spin.

We've learned to take our time and not be in such a rush. To learn how to stop and smell the roses and to turn our thoughts away from negative thinking.

We've learned that our life is better when we chose to be happy and not react.

We've learned that "all good things come to those who wait" and we've picked up a few good tips like deep breathing, Zen, practicing meditation, counting to ten, or simply just relaxing.

We've learned that running late is not the end of the world and that sometimes one can literally have too much patience.

Since Covid-19 plagued us, we've learned how much waiting can wear us thin.

To read all of these well crafted ideas follow the link below to the word prompt series.

Each Author's story or poem is listed towards the bottom of the article.


Patience can Test Us - Breathe & Slow Down by Janis Leslie Evans

Janis Leslie Evans article "How to Breathe, Slow Down and Be Patient" gives us a few great examples with your photos with rushing water in Niagara Falls, New York.

She tells us life is short and to have ill-spirited reactions to temporary things is a waste.

We should take time to smell the roses, so to speak by learning to take time and appreciate the life we have to live.

Her poem, "Impatience" shows us how we are quick to get through our day constantly rushing when there's no need.

We need to be slow down a bit because everything happens at its own time.

In her next article, "Test of Patience Poem: An Elusive Human Virtue" she hits the nail on the head by saying our patience has been tested by Covid-19.

She tells us Door Dash and Alexa help because people don't have to wait as long, but I don't have either one, so I don't know.

In her poem "Chasing Patience" she shows us how waiting wears us thin until our temper explodes.

We forget the lessons of our youth and desire only our own selfish needs.

We need to have a little faith and be patient.
Take a breath, wait & be still.

Things will happen when they will.

To read these articles, please follow the links below.


Patience Always Wins ~ Be a Tortoise, Not a Hare! ~ John Hansen

John Hansen gives us some sound advice in the beginning of his article.

If we're facing something negative or scary, sit a spell ~ take a moment to ourselves.
If our mind veers towards negative thoughts, make a conscious effort to think positive.
Get back into the right frame of mind.

In his cute poem,"Patience Always Wins ~ Be a Tortoise Not a Hare!" he reminds us to take our time.

Don't worry if we're running late.
It's not the end of the world.

He tells us a date should tell a woman to take her time, but honestly I don't see that one ever happening.

Men seem to hate running late but maybe this poem will start something new.

He is so right about Covid-19.

It's like we are living in a Science Fiction Movie.

There's no doubt in my mind that you will find this an enjoyable read.

John also shares two other pieces of work with us.

"Road Rage, a Semi-Satirical Poem" describes how we can easily lose patience when dealing with other drivers.

"Micro-Poem ~ The Art of Patience" is a cute little poem.

It shows that one has patience now & they'll need patience later when they wait on you.

If you've missed the opportunity to read his work, please follow the links below or highlighted above.

"The Writing Process" by Amal Mansour"


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