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Woman-The initiator

The role of the woman in the revolution of human society and in the nourishment of human civilization, is equally coincide with men's role.

Woman as an initiator

The role of the woman in the revolution of human society and in the nourishment of human civilization, is equally coincide with the role the men whatsoever. But it is a harsh reality that throughout the lengthy embarkation of history, role of women was not cherished ever. However, the dark side of whole drama is that she has been presented in acrimonious terms all along human history even she was not reckoned as a human, but a baby producing machine for sure.

In the east & the west.

You may be thinking of the west or the east after reading it. The liberal mindset in the west, myopic brains of the east especially south Asia, regarding women, has not given to women what she deserved to have.

But in many ways, the rise of feminism in Europe during late eighties and nineties, gave women a bit of self-determining rights of doing job and the right of vote, which happened in USSR after the rise of communism and before the Bolshevik revolution.

Women in history.

A German social worker for women rights once said, “Our old archives, based on false accountings regarding the existence of woman in the past. Woman do have a status in history but what men has created, because our whole history, better to construed as “History of men” not “History of women”.

When probed into the history of woman, I found her in diverse forms, here “forms” means “role she played” as a professional human. I found her as a mother of elated apostles, great warriors, philosophers. On the other side, she could be seen as the chattel does not matter as a princess or a concubine. From the Helen of Troy to Padmavati of South Asia, her beauty has been the source of a lot of conflicts among not only individuals but also empires.

Woman as a mother.

Woman as a mother is known due to her great sons. She gives them birth and when her sons change the course of history, it makes her not a great woman but a mother of great men. Her role is just a baby producing machine and after it, she is forgotten.

Descendant to violence.

A British officer, sir Malcom, quoted in his book “The memories of Central India” that two kings were ready for a clash in order to glean the beautiful princess of Rajasthan. The ministers gave a suggestion to the father of princess to kill her daughter as she is going to be the source of a battle for no reason. It was brought under consideration and the beautiful princess was killed by poisoning.

The tragedy of this incident is that both kings had not seen that princess however they had heard a lot about her gorgeous looks. Many people throw the ball in princess’ coat by saying, “she was going to be the source of war between two kings.” The other side of it tells us the true tale which is ignored by all of us and that is “The erotical nature of two kings which, in reality, was the actual source of battle between them.”

Women in ancient Israel

Women in ancient Israel



Woman-As a keeper of Brothel.

This is not the end of it. Woman has also played her role in obliteration of empires and individual rule deliberately. With her beauty, aspiring men to attract her, gorgeous dance, unique shaped body, captivating gait, off dressing, and melodious voice, giving the strong stimulus full of lust to rulers. She played with natural emotions and desires of men in order to out pass him.

Some historians accused Noor Jahan, the queen of Mughal king Jahangir, for implementing her own policies in the sub-continent which created a lot of issues for Mughal Empire in future as she was so dominant over Jahangir owing to her miraculous beauty.

Such accusations are not found in the east only but in the west too, even in higher ratio and staggering notorious fashion. A famous politician and the first chancellor of united Germany, Bismarck, accused the queen of Prussia for pressurizing her king to stay away from the battle against France, which was inevitable according to Bismarck. He recounted in his autobiography “sexism” as,

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A peace keeper, 73 years old man, has no desire to

Glean the glory of 1866 by fighting another war.

It could be, if he were able to let himself free from

The captivating effects of womanhood. It would make

Him able to reiterate that he is the progeny of Fredrick the great

And the great heroes of Prussia.”

Bismarck did not stop here, he again accused her by saying,

I was informed that queen Augusta, on her way to Berlin,

Weeping bitterly, opposed king Amines from the battle against France.

I considered it true except the part that she wept bitterly.

Woman has the privilege of being ruler on some occasions. In sub-continent, she can be seen as Razia sultana, Chand Bibi, in England as Elizabeth and Queen Victoria, in Russia as Katherine and in Austria as Teresa. In spite of this, some historians, try to find flaws in their regimes to introduce them as the symbol of weakness, softness, and as losers.

Old Archives

Bishop's Brothel in Rome

Bishop's Brothel in Rome



Razia Sultana

Razia Sultana

The conspiracies against woman.

In the dark age of Europe and the west, the men opted three ways to collaborate themselves against the woman. Most of the men were those who did not find themselves good enough to get marriage or a healthy personal life. This made them mentally irritative. So to console themselves, they started a campaign against women especially young widows. Following are the restrictions they decided for women;

  1. All the women were relegated from jobs and replaced by the men in higher ratio.
  2. Women were considered a part of nature till then that is why she was opposed like a law.
  3. It was confirmed that any woman should not be able to get the knowledge of medicine. The veteran ladies of this knowledge were killed or either exiled.

Woman as a witch in Europe.

In Europe, under the banner of accusations like evil powers, magic, women was badly treated. It turned out to be a strong expedition against the women. If someone wanted to kill a woman, just accused her of being a witch. Even the Catholic Church believed that, “when devil shapes himself as a human, he remains physically incomplete in the process that he inundates the shape of witch and his feet become crooked or any sort of defect like this. So magicians were women not men, the church deemed. The interpretation given by the church about it is that woman’s body has an attraction which results in sins. Due to this reason, devil easily derails a woman and she becomes his toy due to her own sins.

Although, a lot of movements and theories were presented in the age of European resurrection. But none of them gave the woman her rights and a venerated status in society. The movement of Humanism ended up by discovering and collaborating the men and the woman again fade away. In view of Thomas moor’s “utopia”, she is under the command of her husband. In the movement of religion, she was forbidden from social activities and was made nun.

Woman as a chattel.

Another change was the exorbitant rise in the demand of dowry. This made woman nothing but a chattel and those who could not afford it, their daughters became nuns in churches.

Saint Augustin, a veteran and the most influential personality in Christianity whose rules and quotes had a curbing influence on church and empire as well. He was found an anti-feminist. One of his students wrote about it in such words,

No woman could enter his house. He did not talk to

Any woman in personal unless he was accompanied

By a third person. He considered it as an irreconcilable matter.

Even her daughters and nieces stayed away from him

  • The assembly of Elvira banned all the saints from keeping their daughters in their houses unless she promised not to lose her virginity by wrong means.
  • The assembly of Amylin, in 459 AD, asked the saints to expel all the strange women from their houses and put a limit on the entrance of relative females but on special occasion.
  • The assembly of Toar in 567 AD suggested the same norms.
  • The assembly of mason in 581 AD asked to relegate every maid and nun from home.
  • The assembly of Toledo in 633 AD, asked its saints to keep their daughter and wife only at home. In 589 AD, they issued the orders that, if any stranger woman was found in ritual officer’s house, he would be punished and that woman would be sold as a slave.

In the West

Saint John Baptiste

Saint John Baptiste

a nun

a nun

The assembly of Toledo

The assembly of Toledo

The final words.

In the whole course of history, if the men is considered as the symbol of bravery and war then the woman is supposed to be the sign of peace. And damn to it, her habit of peace is construed as coward act and source of impoverishment. But after every bloody war and deadly conflicts, I too asked myself this question very often, the returning of humanity towards peace, brotherhood, equality and love, is not the victory of the woman in real sense?

Ponder over it. Decision is yours!

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