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Wolverston Station A Pack of Wolves in Business Suits Board a Train

Wolverston Station by Joe Hill

I am continuing into the Full Throttle short story collection. And as I go down this Joe Hill wormhole, I came to this story. It’s called Wolverston Station and here is my review.

What is it about? It’s about a big business man name Saunders who is an expert of making big businesses grow bigger at the expense of others. He’s real dirt bag. Then on a train ride one day, he learns some of passengers are bipedal wolves in business suits dining on passengers below first class.

The good? It’s a fun concept. A bit cooky but fun. And the metaphor for businesses being wolves devouring lower classes is far from witty by any means but it works well here.

The bad? It has slow dull start. And then story is wacky. People looking for something scary, will be deeply disappointed by this.

Overall, it’s a cooky yet fun tale, but nothing amazingly original. It’s an okay read, but by no means a must read. If you stumble across it, take a look. If not, then it’s not a tragedy. We all see tales like this in other media long before this.

3 smoothies out of Five.

Overall Rating: A Pack of Wolves in Business Suits Board a Train.

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