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Withered yet never died!!!


Life is hard, but it can't be bad


Withered yet never died!

My life hit me hard! I can't take it anymore, how much more should I suffer like this,

I'm leading a miserable life, mumbled the old man while sitting under a tree.

Suddenly a voice asked from behind, "did life hit you hard"?

The old man now trembles and looks behind him, he saw no one but soon enough the voice was heard again,

"what happened old man, you seem so dull,"? the old man asked the tree "did you just speak to me"?

The tree replied, "yes"! and the old man thought he was dreaming and pinched himself,

Then the tree asked again "what happened old man"?

The old man came back to his senses and replied" yes, life has been so miserable for me that I can't move on...my beautiful wife.. she passed away, my sons and daughters left me.

I don't know whether my children will come to see me when I close my eyes.

I had a beautiful life with my wife, she never complained.

We lived with whatever we had. But now that she left me I feel so lonely and confused.

We had the love of old. The old man eyes were filled with tears.

The tree listened to the story of the old man till he finished and after few minutes the tree said,

"My life also hit hard" the old man chuckled and said, " what do you know about life, are you crazy,"?

The tree got a little annoyed and said," if life got you hard so did mine too," the old man said," okay tell me your story,".

The tree narrated its story, and the tree asked the old man, " have you felt the scorching sun straight on you? and felt like you lost all your energy for a second,

The dry wind, the hot wind, the dry sand, the sand storm, the waterless ground, the heavy rain, the withered leaves, the dry leaves, the broken branches,

The scars of love embarked on me for others remembrances,

Sometimes I try to breathe so hard for myself so that I make sure you people live,

My life is in constant fear because one day you'll cut me or I'll die without water.

Then the tree said to the old man I'm already too old for this, life is really hard but you know what, that makes me feel strong? it's my roots,

It had good nourishment when it was small, it hurts for the roots 'cause it needs to go so deep so that I can live so strong.

The tree finished the story, the old man stood speechless.

The tree said to the old man before you leave, I want you to understand, that if I'm old and withered not having much of fresh leaves to give you shade,

Yet you know what? I'll never die and so do you because there is a place called Afterlife.

© 2021 Daniel R

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