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Winter Poetry

I like to write about the 4 seasons. They are all so unique from each other in NH

Why Winter?

Winter is very different from the summer here in New England, especially in the Lakes Region. We have plenty of tourists in the summer months, then in the winter we have people who come to Gunstock (for skiing and snowboarding), but otherwise it’s very quiet here.These are some of my thoughts about New Hampshire during the Winter.



The drooping cold of winter has arrived

And the ice seems to freeze time.

All at once

There is a certain calm

To the world.

Snow covers us like a warm blanket

And the noise of tourists is gone;

Our hibernation can commence so

We hold so still in our own

Existence together

As we feel our frozen fingers

Finding a safe haven

Amongst the fiery embers inside.

Glued to this state of serenity,

It is hard to comprehend that

The world lives around us.

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The long days would wind us up and

Make us push to do more.

Winter holds us tight to each other

And makes us slow down,

Think more,

and treasure peace.


Sounds of Silence

Into the gloom I fade as I constantly try to

find the right place,

to reach a peaceful tranquility

In my home, with my family.

I like to hear the sounds

of falling rain

and the soft, humming,

singing of this quiet existence.

Banging, I try to endure

and sometimes I thrive

in the loud allure

of music,

but when the day is done

or I am not at one

With the world

I have to find

my way back

to the earth.

I steady my heart, and try

to fight the urge

To step out of my cloud

And shrug out of my shroud.


Are you a snowboarder or skiier? Do you hate shoveling snow?

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© 2013 Erin Buttermore


Elizabeth Barrett Kearney from Maine on January 21, 2013:

I can, lol. Same weather. New Hampshire is beautiful! I love camping in the White Mountains. One of my favorite spots on Earth!

Erin Buttermore (author) from Laconia on January 21, 2013:

can you tell that I live in NH?

Elizabeth Barrett Kearney from Maine on January 20, 2013:

I can definitely relate to "Hibernation", being a Maine resident and all. It got in the 40's today and felt so warm!

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