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A Three Dog Problem


A Three Dog Problem

Her is the story of how a fictional mystery occurred at Buckingham Palace. Yes, you did hear me right, and I did mean the real Buckingham Palace.

My first impression

My first impression on seeing this book was that it was a story about a fictional queen who had turned detective after strange things had been going on in her palace. However, as soon as I started to read the story, I soon learned that the real Queen of England is being used as a main character in this story.

The author of this book has used her imagination well and we are taken through some of the actual rooms in Buckingham Palace, introduced to some of the Queens immediate family and other associates, along with fictional members of staff who have been invented for the purpose of this story.. She also uses real places and events to make the story seem more real.

The Plot

The story begins when a dead body is found near the swimming pool at Buckingham Palace. The dead person is not identified until a bit further on into the book, but we do know that there had been something naughty going on because there were drinks glasses found nearby at the scene of the crime.

Then in the next part of the story, we are taken back in time to a few years ago when England had it`s second woman Prime Minister and the Brexit referendum was about to take place. So what with all this and other things happening abroad, the Queen had a lot on her mind. In this chapter of the story we are told that as well as all this going on outside the Palace, there was also trouble starting within it`s very walls. There was trouble brewing among staff members and an elderly housekeeper had been making herself unpopular with other staff members. There was also several cases of poison letters being sent to staff members , and one female member of staff was certain that she was being stalked. On top of all this, it had come to the attention of the Queen that one of the paintings from her personal collection had gone missing. She knew where this painting had gone to but she did not know how or when it had been taken without her knowledge.

The following section of the story brings us back to the present when the body is discovered and the Queen now knows that there had been trouble brewing at the Palace for some time. We are then taken on an exciting journey when the Queen and a member of staff try to work out these mysteries and find out exactly what had been going on.

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A Three Dog Problem

But was it Murder?

When a dead body was found at the start of the story, I got the impression that a murder had been committed under suspicious circumstances .But about halfway through the book, we are given more details about the person who died and how they died. We are then left wondering for a while weather it was actually murder or just an accidental death involving a drinking glass.

We are told that the dead person was rather unpopular with the people who were around them each day. We also know that it was not a young person`s body. But as there was evidence that other people could have been drinking near the swimming pool around the time of the death, why wasn`t the injured person helped to safety before it was too late.

My Opinion of tis book

I enjoyed reading this book because it had an exciting plot and many interesting characters. I do follow real life news about the Royal Family, so the fact that the author has used these real life people as part of the story makes it more interesting and funny in some places. I can actually picture the characters doing some of the wacky things described in the story. I also liked reading about events that happened in the not so distant past in real life, although these events happened only a few years ago, the world has changed a lot since those days.

The book started with rather a macabre subject, murder, but there were parts of the story that had me laughing out loud.

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