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"Will You Still Love Me" - Book Synopsis and Review

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  • About the book

Name - Will you still love me?

Author - Ravinder Singh

Genre - Romance, Fiction

Language - English

Pages contain - 240

Published on - 14th February, 2018

  • Book synopsis

"Around one lakh fifty thousand people die in road accidents every year in India. If a disease would have taken these many lives a year it would have been pronounced an epidemic"

The story consists of two main character, Rajveer Saini and Lavanya Gogoi.

Rajveer, a cut-Surd Punjabi guy met Lavanya, an ample eyed beautiful girl in a flight from Mumbai to Chandigarh. Lavanya requested Rajveer to exchange their seat as she was very tired and wanted to rest her head against the window and fall asleep. Though a window seat on a plane was an unparalleled joy for Rajveer, he got carried away and offered Lavanya the window seat.

"In his mind Rajveer has built a fascinating little world of his own where he was still a kid. He would seldom share it with anybody"

But Rajveer also felt frustrated when he found out that instead of sleeping Lavanya was reading a magazine capturing the window seat allotted for him

"Damn it!! Is this your read-me-to-sleep magazine? Did you even need to sleep or you just wanted my window seat?"

In the comfort of reclining seat, soon he slipped into deep sleep. After getting up he continued his conversation with Lavanya until he got a call from his driver who was about to receive him from airport. It was love at first flight for Rajveer. He also came to know that Lavanya is an Assamese living in Shillong.

But in a hurry their luggage got exchanged and that led them to meet again. Rajveer arrived at the place Lavanya was staying and after having dinner he left for his home, Patiala.

Two days later Rajveer connected with Lavanya through WhatsApp and it became easy for him to keep in touch with Lavanya. In a tricky way Rajveer invited her to come to his home town Patiala and Lavanya agreed.

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Rajveer met Lavanya at the bus stop. They spent the whole day together. Lavanya bought Punjabi suits and Punjabi shoes (jutti) with help of Rajveer. They visited many famous places of Patiala also.

While sitting at the Gurdwara Lavanya slowly realised that Rajveer's presence brought her joy. At the end of the day Rajveer dropped Lavanya at the bus stop and gifted her a 'Phulkari' which she wanted to buy but forgot. When the bus was about to leave Lavanya embraced Rajveer and they both knew a lot had changed between them.

"some goodbyes require us to express ourselves"

On the following weekend Rajveer came to Mumbai at Lavanya's apartment with the stitched suits. He confessed that he wanted to see her ever since she had hugged him in the bus. Rajveer hugged Lavanya, this time for longer as no bus was leaving and by that time Lavanya knew that she also had fallen in love with Rajveer.

One day while chatting Rajveer got to know that Lavanya had managed to get an admission in ISB (Indian School of Business), Mohali campus and for exactly one year she was going to be in a city next door to that of Rajveer's. His joy knew no bound.

Rajveer and Lavanya's meeting continued. Lavanya started to teach slum children and Rajveer also encouraged and helped her. One day while returning to hostel Rajveer proposed Lavanya and after sufficient though she finally said yes.

After a month Rajveer and Lavanya promised to live their lives together, Rajveer began talking about her in his family. Though marriage was not on the cards in the near future, for Rajveer it was important to share the news with his family and put an end to the continued search of his parents for prospective matches for him.

But from all their reactions Rajveer felt that the only person on his side was his sister in law. Rajveer's father got angry and addressed Lavanya as 'Chinese' and her mother also became sad knowing the girl didn't belong from Punjab or any other 'main land' states from India.

Rajveer began to work harder and spend less time with his family. His family needed a daughter in law who should look Indian. According to his father, any girl with ample eyes look like a Chinese. Rajveer got angry and said it would be a privilege for him to marry Lavanya.

In the mid term break of Lavanya, Rajveer visited Shillong, Lavanya's hometown and shared the problems back home with her. Lavanya felt sad hearing the news but decided to cheer Rajveer and not to talk about this topic as it was their happy vacation time.

Rajveer and Lavanya planned to tour the whole Meghalaya in just 3 days. They spent the first night at a homestay at Nongrighat. On the next day they restated their journey. A lot of adventure happened and Rajveer was awestruck by the beauty of Meghalaya. He found the place 'unbelievably beautiful'.

When Rajveer went back home a video of a North East girl teaching Punjabi to the slum kids went viral and garnered more and more appreciation as time went by. And the girl was none other than Lavanya, Lavanya Gogoi. Soon she was shortlisted by her college for a debate where she represented Punjab even when she was from the North East. This made her a celebrity overnight and Rajveer's family finally agreed to marry them.

After few days Rajveer decided to come to Mohali. His mother and sister in law suggested him avoid going as the weather was bad but nothing ever mattered to Rajveer when it came to an opportunity of meeting Lavanya. He was very happy as his father had finally given up his two and half months long rigid stand against Lavanya and agreed to Rajveer marrying her. He wanted to give her the news in person as soon as possible.

On the way he was about to collide with a bus as he was busy in his phone and didn't notice the bus was coming. But the bus driver stopped at the right moment and was yelling at Rajveer furiously. Rajveer communicated his fault as well as apology and it took him a couple of minutes to steady his breath again.

Around 8 pm Rajveer entered Mohali and gave Lavanya a call. She informed him that she was still in school as one of her students Chutki was alone. Rajveer decided pick up Lavanya. In horrible weather and pitch darkness the water in the classroom began to collect and rise.

Lavanya and Chutki managed to step inside a nearby house and found a family living there. The family sympathised with them some place to sit. They were confined in the house even after the rain had stopped due to lack of electricity and overflowing gutter.

Rajveer was in a great hurry to reach to Lavanya but he faced a checkpoint that was working and cops were on duty even in that heavy rain. He was instructed to open his car's dicky as every vehicle leaving Mohali was being inspected to look out for some drug-truffickers.

Rajveer again called Lavanya but due to poor network they were not able to talk properly. She requested him not to talk while driving but he wasn't in a mood to listen to her. The call was dropping for several times. Bring frustrated he decided to message her. He began to type a message and disconnected her call. The car was running at a high speed in the dark isolated road. The next second the car hit something and it skidded on the wet road.

What happened next?? Well!! I should not reveal the suspense I guess. But this one incident changed their life forever. And I must say, this part is the most touching in the whole book.

  • Review :

    I have read all the books by this author and was excited to read this as well. And this is one of his best works till now. I love the way he adds a powerful message in a simple love story and makes it different from other romantic novels.

    Without losing the sweetness this story also emphasises on important social issues like reckless driving, disobeying traffic rules, corrupted system and treating North East Indians differently as if they are not a part of the same country.

    I really loved the parts about trekking in Shillong, Punjabi wedding, bhangra dance etc.

    The author described the serene beauty of Meghalaya really well. I could imagine the sights in my mind. I wish I had been there! I also loved the description of Patiala city as well.

    The only mistake I found is the spelling of 'Master'. Twice it has been spelt as 'Muster'.

    All in all it is a must read if you care for your loved ones. This story will make you understand how ignorance can ruin several lives including ours. And if you love to read romantic novel its even better!! But I cried a lot at the end. The last part of the story is really heart wrenching.

Will you still love me? - Book Cover

Will you still love me? - Book Cover

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