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I'm a bad dreamer
I can't find my path at all
I'm lost in a falls
But I still keep going for my own

I'm a bad liar
I failed in love the right person
I can't find who is true through their words
I can't hide my feelings and all

I'm a bad friend
Can't always look for their sake
But I'm trying my best to keep them safe
They were my strength my happiness

I'm bad at my family
I'm the only one who needed them all
Buy don't worry I'll keep go on
And I make you work worth the all

I'm bad at myself
I kind of losing it in many ways
But don't worry you girl
Can be still be shining if you take a step

I'm better, is all I get
The healing time is make me down and rise again
Be myself again an oath to myself
My will can't just a will someday


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© 2020 Xalice

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