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Wild Horses

I am an artist, designer, photographer and writer. See more of my work on cmariearts.


I hear something

Calling out to me

Out into the wild

Setting me free

The rapture

Held within

Stirring feet

I am shaped by

It's very heat

So when the sun

Sets west

I will be gone

I need to go

Finding my home

In the dawn

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When the sun rises

In the east

My heart stampedes

Wild horses

Had set me free


Caroline Marie (author) on May 25, 2012:

Thanks Angela

Angela Brummer from Lincoln, Nebraska on May 24, 2012:

Absolutely beautiful!

Caroline Marie (author) on February 13, 2012:

Thank you Cre8tor for the kind words. Glad you liked it.

Dan Reed on February 13, 2012:

Love the the song...looking forward to reading more.

Caroline Marie (author) on February 11, 2012:

Thanks Savanahi great to meet you.

savanahl on February 11, 2012:

Very nice flow to this one and great ending!

Caroline Marie (author) on February 03, 2012:

Thank you so much The Fashionista!

The Fastionista on February 02, 2012:

Love this, Caroline! It's so uplifting to imagine the spirit so free, and the wild horses capture that feeling beautifully. Voted up and beautiful!

Caroline Marie (author) on February 02, 2012:

@ Neil thank you. I love that song. I'm going to add it to the hub. It makes it better. :)

@ Learner thank you very much!

Saadia A on February 02, 2012:

Real nice Caroline,a nice reading it is. The pictures are so cool as well. Nice work you have done again :)

Voted up up and away !!

Neil Sperling from Port Dover Ontario Canada on February 01, 2012:

Have to add the song :-)

Neil Sperling from Port Dover Ontario Canada on February 01, 2012:

this poem made me think of the Rolling Stones Song "Wild Horses"


Caroline Marie (author) on February 01, 2012:

@ Michael thank you for your comment and words. I hope the pix show now.

@ Thank you Ghaelach. :)

@ Senoritaa thank you!

@ Sky thank you for the great compliment!

@ Hi Katrine thank you!

@ PurvisBobbi thank you! I would like to live there too.

@ Always Thank you!

@ SubRon thank you! I would like to check out your novel.

@ Stessily thank you for the kind words. I'm glad it brought back memories for you.

@ Mckbirdbks thank you. Always good to see you!

@ Gypsy thank you for all your support!

@ Sueswan thank you very much!

Sueswan on February 01, 2012:

Hi Caroline

Beautiful, just like the wild horses.

Voted up and away

Have a good day.

Gypsy Rose Lee from Daytona Beach, Florida on January 30, 2012:

Awesome! I love how wild mustang run across the plains. Your poem made me think of galloping horses.

mckbirdbks from Emerald Wells, Just off the crossroads,Texas on January 30, 2012:

Nice imagery. Your spirit was set free with this one.

stessily on January 30, 2012:

Caroline, The beautiful freedom of wild horses is captured wonderfully in your poem. The images of wild horses have captivated me since childhood, and when I think of freedom, of the wind flowing through my hair and running with the wind, I think of wild horses. Your poem brought those images and wishes back to me.

James W. Nelson from eastern North Dakota on January 30, 2012:

Beautiful work, Caroline, and I love horses. Horses, both wild and tame, play a major part in my novel, "The Bellwether."

Ruby Jean Richert from Southern Illinois on January 30, 2012:

The rapture held within stirring feet, beautiful...

Barbara Purvis Hunter from Florida on January 30, 2012:

So beautiful--I love horses---and your poem was great.

I would love to live where in the vast unknown with horses running wild and free.

I voted up and beautiful.


KatrineDalMonte on January 30, 2012:

Very nice Caroline, accompanied by beautiful images :-)

Sky9106 from A beautiful place on earth. on January 30, 2012:

There you go running like flowing water only this time compared to the beautiful wild horses running free.

A great representation for your your presence.

Great work Caroline , till we write again , stay well.


Rinita Sen on January 30, 2012:

Wonderful flow, and the pictures of those horses are stunning!

Ghaelach on January 30, 2012:

Hi Caroline.

By me all three pic's came through.

Beautiful poem.

The horse is a wonderful creature.

Take care LOL Ghaelach

cleaner3 from Pueblo, Colorado on January 30, 2012:

Great Caroline, your pics didnt all show, but the poem is what counts.



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