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Why you should still fear Covid


1. Because it's invisible

Let's face it if you can't see an enemy it's a danger to you for the rest of your life. By knowing that simple fact you can just allow yourself to live in fear until the day you die. By living in constant fear you'll never be able to think rationally and live a full and complete life and enjoy precious moments. Because honestly why would you do any of those things when covid still exists?

2. Because being afraid is caring

Nothing says "I'm better than you" then proving how much you care by being afraid. Want to show your friends you're better than them? Be more scared. If they wear mask, you wear two masks. If they are wearing gloves, make sure you wear condoms on each finger underneath your gloves. Carry disinfectant spray in your bag or purse whenever you travel outside your house make sure you spray it on everything that comes near you, especially other people's food so that you can protect them from covid. Noone will ever doubt your level of caring ever again

3. Because not being afraid is selfish

We see those disgusting people, not wearing masks outside, no gloves when they touch their own property. Driving in their own cars maskless!!! These people are terribly selfish. You can't afford to be one of those people. So look inward and find enough fear to wear a mask when you shower, you'll feel better about yourself in no time. You'll look at these people breathing fresh air like the sickos that they are. How dare they just breath and touch things without thinking how that will kill literally everyone else. And remember, your fear rises you above them morally and spiritually.

4. Because the TV told you to be

Seriously why would you even doubt the TV? It's been there for you through every major event in your life. Only crazy conspiracy theorists would think that anything on TV was untruthful. So if you doubted the TV for one second you are a crazy conspiracy theorist and you definitely don't want to be labeled one. Might as well wrap tinfoil aound your head. See, only a crazy Conspiracy theorist would put a foreign object on their body.

5. Because no one developed an app to detect covid yet

Let's face the truth, without smart phones we'd probably die. Not being able to keep up with the Kardashian's Instagram profiles can lead to suicide. Right now we live in a world where no one has developed an app to detect covid. I'm sure thinking about this right now is making you suicidal. Just hold out for a little longer. The heroes of Big Tech will create an app like this soon enough to control even more of your life.

6. Can't force people to vaccinate

Covid has been a blessing by forcing people to do things against their will. As long as you are on the side of science that Big tech says is right you can't lose. (Except your freedom, which you gave up the moment you let fear rule you. But it was for your safety so, whatever) Now you can force others to get vaccinated even though you don't have to because you are scared to get an experimental drug. Make them do it against their will so you don't have to.

7. It allows you the right to lash out at people

It always feels good to scream at people but before covid it was hard to find a good reason most of the time. Now because of covid you can scream at someone for no reason but when someone questions you you can say between the tears and foul words "covid" tearfully. Don't forget to add in a delicate "they don't care" No one will question your motives for treating others badly ever again.

8. Because you're ugly and need a reason to still wear mask

Let's be honest for a moment, you are ugly and you know it. That's why you really want to wear a mask. This is your opportunity to score dates with people you would've never had a chance with. And once they finally see you without the mask if they get turned off you can just say that they're shallow. Oh and of course you can blame them for not caring enough. Because if they cared enough about your safety they wouldn't of asked you to take that mask off.

9. Because leftists tell you that if you're not afraid of covid you're racist

We know that the left on the right side of history. That's why they scream about racism when it comes to virtually everything. They have explained that if your skin happens to be darker than that of someone else have more chance of getting covid. That means the virus is racist and if you're not afraid of the virus then you are with the virus thus making you a racist. I would say that math is simple but math is racist too.

10. Because Bill Gates recommends vaccines

People say that because Bill Gates isn't a doctor that we don't have to listen to him. But he's a billionaire who makes computer programs so of course he would understand vaccines better than the common person. I mean, he did invent a virus for computers so it relates. Also he spent millions of dollars experimenting vaccines on people in Africa to see how many people die from the vaccines. So when he tells you to get the vaccine you know he knows what he's talking about.


Nida Ormo from Bacolod City, Philippines on June 06, 2021:

Yes, Covid still threat because even we are vaccinated still we can be inffected.

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