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Why the CDC Inflated the Covid Death Rate 94%


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Why CDC, why?

When questioned about this and why the numbers were inflated 94% here are the answers that we got.

"The first thing we are just a small portion of a plan for world domination. The people that came to us and told us to inflate the numbers we cannot reveal their identities. But world domination is part and parcel with the inflated numbers of deaths due to covid.

The idea was to do a worldwide assault with a virus in order to make the world's populous scared to leave their homes."

Oh no Americans likes freedom!

What was discovered was that in the United States people didn't like have having their Liberties taken away from them. We expected some blowback from United States citizens since they're into all that freedom stuff and feel that they should not have their lives be governed moment-by-moment.

But by instilling fear into them we were able to subdue at least a good amount of people in order to use those people to attack all the freedom-loving people of the United States.

By dividing half the country through hatred and fear we were able to create more turmoil in the country that is the biggest threat to World Domination for our masters.

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Politics played a role too!

To make things worse United States had elected a man who believed in Freedom, who believed in personal choice, who believe that the government should not run everyone's life daily.

This man is obviously very evil since he wants people to think for themselves and live their life freely and work. He thinks that you should get paid on how well you perform at your job rather than your skin color or your gender. He's a very sick man.

But we knew that this virus could potentially have him lose an election if we were to use it to smear him. Since all the other smear campaigns had not worked on turning the public against this man but rather make them like him even more.

We ensured that mainstream media would keep up a covid death count on their video feed during the rest of this man's presidency to remind people that it's his fault why this virus exists and that it's his fault why people are dying.

We inflated the numbers to protect you.

The problem we had was that not enough people were dying from covid. It was such a small amount of people that we needed to do something to inflate the numbers.

So we took all deaths from hospice, heart disease, shootings (except by police because those are just racist), influenza, car accidents, shark attacks, and even the beheading videos from the early 2000's that are still up on youtube (we tried anyway), we labeled all those deaths covid deaths so we could make it look like covid was much more dangerous than it really is.

If someone died in 2020 we tried our hardest to make it a covid death. We did this as a public service. Be grateful.


OLUSEGUN from NIGERIA on June 10, 2021:

Maybe this kind of inflation happens all over the world. However in the case of my country, Nigeria, the inflation is due to other reason - getting covid-relief from the United Nations and other bodies...

Good work.

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