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Why Facebook Knows What's Best for You


Facebook plays an important role in our lives. It helps us stay connected to loved ones, find new friends and help us engage in favorite hobbies online. But Facebook has a higher purpose that you may not be aware of. Controlling your thoughts.

Free thinkers are dangerous and crazy

Studies have shown that people who think for themselves are dangerous to others. Look at what those crazy free thinkers did when they disagreed with King George! Those maniacs decided they would start their own country without a supreme ruler! 1776 was a crazy radical time for free thinkers.

Science deniers? Facebook to the rescue!

Another danger about free thinkers is that they question doctors!?!?! Seriously! When has a doctor ever got something wrong? Follow the science!!! Jeez! Facebook takes a strong stand to take down any post that disagrees with the only doctor you should be listening to: Bill Gates. Or maybe Fauci. Whatever, they agree and Bill Gates knows computers so he's smarter. But any doctor that says something different than them is nothing more than an evil crazy science denier. Good Riddance!

Facebook's shield of protection

Facebook has taken a stand for your protection. They created community guidelines that favor obedience and lack of free thought. Think of it as a condom for your mind. Not only do they take down posts that will make you question the mainstream narrative but they'll even erase those pesky free thinkers profiles. Whew! Thanks Facebook for protecting me from a different idea!

No need to think anymore! Keep it simple! Just copy and Paste ideas!

Because Facebook is online and a popular website and they know computers we know that they're just smarter than everyone else. And because of that we don't need to think at all just listen to what they say is okay to say and then say those things only. You have the freedom to say only those things that you're allowed to say on Facebook. Because all that freedom of speech stuff is very dangerous.

Facebook hates racism.

No one likes racism. It's hard to find someone in your life who does. But everyone has that one friend that thinks that America isn't so racist! Don't worry Facebook will be getting rid of them soon enough. Just let them update the community guidelines and your friends will be banned from Facebook in no time. Your friend is probably white so he's definitely a racist. Who needs that negativity in their life?

Facebook's community guidelines are saving you from hearing racist things like: "You can succeed if you work hard", "Take responsibility for your life" "You need to fix the problems you created", "Not all white people are racist", "Don't judge a book by its cover" and other highly racist remarks. (I almost cried just typing that. I need a new safe space now)

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Facebook thinks for you

So why put in the effort to think for yourself when good ol' Facebook can think for you. It makes sense because Facebook are the experts at life. If you were the expert at life you'd be hiding in a building in the middle of nowhere forcing others to follow your rules.

More to come?

Facebook had done so much to protect us from other people's speech and ideas but it's not enough yet. We need more protection from free thinkers and conspiracy theorists but we should be thankful with what Facebook has done so far. They have helped us to a point that we don't have to think at all. It's a true gift and we need more of this less thinking in our lives


Mr. Happy from Toronto, Canada on June 08, 2021:

"Think of it as a condom for your mind." - Haha!! I like that.

"You have the freedom to say only those things that you're allowed to say on Facebook." - To be fair, it is a private business so, it can decide that on their website, the letter "R" cannot be used. It's not a democracy amigo - it's a private business. Where's your libertarian mind-set?

"No one likes racism. It's hard to find someone in your life who does." - No, it's not. I was quite racist myself. I grew-up like that and dare to say that everyone I knew growing-up was racist. My father still is. So is his girlfriend and my uncle and ...ya, I don't know what world You live in but there are a lot of racist people around.

"Your friend is probably white so he's definitely a racist." - I don't have any white friends that are racist but my father and family members are all European and white. Might just be a coincidence though, right? Haha!!

Anyway, Facebook is poison. I cannot tell You how happy I am that I left that bloody platform, roughly ten years ago. I hear only ugly things about it. All the grievers huddle-up in there.

Fun piece of writing - cheers!

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