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5 Reasons Writing Is Like Being In A Marriage

Tim is a freelance writer, poet, artist and storyteller. He always tries to find and include lessons for everyone in his writing.

Marriage and Writing - A Comparison

about the writing process is like being a marriage. First of you go through a courting (southern for dating) where you get to know your craft. This is the stage where you think you want to be a write so you try it out. Your write some articles or maybe start a novel.

Like dating this is the time where you find out if the attraction is going to become more serious or just fizzle out. Once you discover you gist for writing is more then just a passing fad it is time to tie the knot and get serious about your writing. It's time to get married to your writing. But remember as is in any marriage you must remember your vows.

Writing Is For Better or Worse

Being a writer,like a marriage, has it ups and downs. There are time when I think there are more downs then ups. Writing like marriage is a process of learning as you go. When you first start to write you have these aspirations of becoming a famous published writer but soon find out you must work your way up from the bottom. You must write your own drafts, edit them, publish them and then try to get people to read them. Some days are going to be better, others worse. The trick, as in marriage, is when the worse days come, don't give up, work through them. In the end you'll be a better writer.

For Richer or Poorer

When you start out in marriage there are going to some rough times financially, like when you buy your first house. The same is true of writing. When you first start out do not quit your day job. Unless you are extremely lucky, there are going to be more lean years as a writer, then there will be financially sound years. If you're primarily a poet like me then you better be ready for the long haul. My advice as a writer is, when you're first starting out bank all your earnings for the proverbial rainy day.

Let me live, love, and say it well in good sentences.

— Sylvia Plath

In Sickness and In Health

What does in sickness and in health have to do with writing? Everything. In marriage you don't give up on your spouse when an illness befalls one of you. The same is true of writing. Fiction I find is the most enjoyable form of writing but it can also the most tedious. Once written a novel can be like a sick spouse, it needs a lot of tender loving care in the form of editing. There are times when you want to throw in the towel, but you don't. You keep moving along until your novel is a healthy thing of beauty. The same principles apply to all forms of writin

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To Love and To Cherish

A life long marriage is a rare thing these days. I think it is because when people change both in looks and in disposition they forget to love and cherish each other. It is easier to give up and move on then it is easier to give up and move on then to work at the marriage. The same is true of writing. In order to make writing a life long commitment you must love and cherish it everyday. Sure there are going to be times when you think you stuff is nothing but junk. You'll want to give up and move onto something else, but don't. Look at your writing, love and cherish your writing. Remember back to why you started to write in the first place.

Til Death Do You Part

In the end if you honor your writing vows, you will find yourself having a life long journey of love. Sure there will be times you want to give, but look at what you love, remember why you love it, then look beyond to the joy which is to come. In the end remember this proverb, “The grass on this side of the road can be just as green as the other side of the road. As long you water it, nurture it and help it to grow. May your writing and your marriage be til death do you part.

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Timothy Whitt (author) from New Jersey on July 02, 2012:

Thanks for the comments. There are times when I try and try but can't write. There are other times when it seems like I have more to write then I can write

Joyce Haragsim from Southern Nevada on July 02, 2012:

I have found when writing I sit at my computer and nothing comes into my head. This is when I take a day off or just hours to get my brain going again and most times it works.

Voted up, useful and Interesting, Joyce.

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