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Why Trump Is Wrong Even Though He Was Right About Everything



Everyone hates Trump. Even the people that voted for him and say that they love him and thought he was a great president hate him. They only say those things to anger others. Except the racists, they actually love him. So to start we have to understand that there isn’t any way we would want to even admit that he’s right when he is. Because of feelings.


This drug has been on the market for about 65 years before people learned about how dangerous this drug was once Trump mentioned it. Knowing that he thought this drug might help was a warning that this FDA approved medicine was no good. Until doctors started using it again and stats showed that it was helping people recover much quicker.

Hunter’s laptop

This story was banned by twitter, Facebook and YouTube because it had no basis in reality. That’s a fact. Even when the New York Post wrote about it Twitter suspended their account for spreading this information. Trump talked about it and that was all the evidence anyone needed to know that it wasn’t true. Because Trump always lies. But after the election it was discovered by coincidence that Hunter Biden did actually have a laptop with all kinds of evidence of drug use, pedophilia and other sexual acts that I’d rather not indulge in. It turns out that the FBI had this information for a good 6 months and did nothing about it. Nor have they now. Probably because he's the child of a politician and they are off limits, well Biden’s children are.


Blue state lockdowns

Trump didn’t approve of the statewide lockdowns and voice that crazy opinion. He said that it wasn’t good for people to be locked down. So naturally everyone knew that they are very good for everyone. Because whatever Trump says is the opposite. Until it was discovered that the Blue states had the highest infection rate in the USA and some higher than in the rest of the world. But Trump was wrong because he made it up and had no facts to back up what he said.


Border security

“Build the wall” was one of the many racist slogans that Trump ran under. He did start building a wall. People started paying for it and that made other people angry. For good reason too! That money could of went to important things like ending racism or housing illegal immigrants (I mean undocumented, that’s very different because it sounds different).

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But we knew that it was because he wanted to keep brown people out of the country that already has over 127 million people of color in it. It had nothing to do with the actual problem of drug cartels and sex slavery that was later found out once the Biden administration took over and stopped Trump’s policies.

Because of Biden the holding cells are now at 700% capacity. Biden even started sneaking children to other states at night to reduce the number of people in the detention centers.

Wuhan Lab

Trump said that he had suspicions that covid came from the Wuhan lab in China. Well he said that because he doesn’t like China. It was totally a personal attack on China. Nothing to do with facts at all. No one even bothered to ask him where he got the data from because everyone knew that he just make stuff up all the time.

It was found that Fauci did actually lie regarding funding the Wuhan lab and that not only did he know about it but then lied to the Us senate about it. But Trump was wrong because we can’t make him into the good guy even if he’s right and doesn’t do the wrong things. It’s about our feelings, not being factually correct. Now that we know the Wuhan lab was the leak source for covid we know that we can’t hold China accountable because that wouldn’t be fair. It’s Trump’s fault not China’s! He was blamed first!


Vaccine release

Everyone laughed at Trump saying that a vaccine would be ready at the end of 2020. That’s impossible! But somehow it actually happened. Just a coincidence. Nothing to do with him because he’s mean.

Closing thoughts

Trump has never done anything right. He’s mean and no one likes him because of it. Even though his family isn’t plagued with drug and sex issues, boomed the economy of the USA, lowest unemployment for blacks in history and never used a government position illegally to make a profit from and is loved by millions of people, he hasn’t done anything that would be a good thing at all.

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