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Why There Is Woman

Writing this poem on reasoning of Righteous War identifying its dimensions and truth which is failure to be wise by both sides


Woman is Woman

Woman is Woman

Thy was at rest creating world fast
Looking at Man feeling worth last

Asked the man, Wish you have any?
Said Adam, No Mighty, you bestowed many

Ruling the free land, Adam found empty
asked Thy again, the reason for pity

Cried Adam, all have one Why me "only"
Thy replied the world made is full no need any

Not happy Adam, asked still for Someone friendly
Said Mighty, caught in "W"orst "O"bsession

Adam asked still need "W"ild "S"ensation
Cried for still need "W"onderful "O"bligation

Mighty Replied wish not for "W"aste "O"pposition
Adam asked still need "W"inging "O"sillation

Mighty replied don leave "W"orthy "O"rganization
Adam replied still need "W"istling "O"ctave creation

Said Mighty lost I,
Giving you what so stupid, ever your curious temptation
Found Adam another,
Thought possible other man , But it was A Woman

Cherishing Adam surrounding the woman,
question Thy what can I
Sound from mighty,
do anything but don't try apple in the time span

Enjoying the company promised,
Thy no deed will be done as a ban
Being one with Eve,
Adam rush the world,
mingling the hands as can

Being one with Eve,
Adam feel Love as shining silver gold
Being one with Eve,
Adam saw sun drowning in the night cold

Thinking Eve,
how great all this happen
what will next happen
if snake's apple be eaten

Thinking Eve,
Why delicious curiosity is forbidden
Asked Adam,
to let's take part in the defying limitations

Eve tasted apple asked Adam to do so
Eve woke up the moon, from slumber so

Thy got it , Adam Eve Fallen, Cursed with
chasing fire always remains set so
Mortled the Man-Woman,
Worthiness of both to be proven yet so,

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