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Why Progressivism Hurts Everyone

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Jack is retired. Before retiring, he worked at IBM for over 28 years. His articles have over 120,000 views.



If you listen to some politician of today, like Bernie Sanders, and AOC and Joe Biden...they claim to be the party of the little people, the down trodden...and the poor.

Yet, their policies have just the opposite effect. Let me give you a few concrete examples.

It is said the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Progressive Democrats may have great intentions but they lack results.

- Aug. 2021

Some Extreme Progressive Policies...

  • Open borders on immigration
  • $15 Federal minimum wage
  • Green New Deal
  • Universal Healthcare
  • Deficit Spending - leading to inflation

Some Definitions and Qualifications...

It is important at the outset to define what we are talking about. With progressives, they have a different vocabulary than you and I. Let's start by defining the population of people. What are we talking about when we speak of helping "the people"?

These people are citizens of the US, or legal immigrants with green cards, or asylum seekers who came here to escape persecution at their home country. They do not include illegal immigrants who broke our laws by coming here uninvited, or visitors or tourists from a foreign country and over stay their visa.

Just to emphasize, we make a distinction between legal immigrants and illegal immigrants. Progressive speak of them as the same group and call them immigrants or lump them as "undocumented" immigrants. Therefore, when the rest of us say we are against illegal immigrants, they automatically assume we are against all immigrants. and therefore we are racists.

Human rights is another good example of how progressives see things differently. They claim it is a human right to have a "living wage". They also claim free healthcare as a basic human right. I read the Constitution and there is no mention of those human rights. Can you point to a paragraph or a sentence when it is so stated?

The Results...(Elections have real consequences...)

The border crisis is happening again. Thousands of children and families are crossing into our country, not wearing masks, and not being vaccinated and not being vetted... Kids are locked in cages again.

We are paying them $1200 each and sending them into our cities via the help of Catholic Charities. Drug smugglers and human traffickers are even terrorists are among those infiltrating out borders.

The fence that Trump built are left open.

How does all this hurt all Americans you ask?

1. They will take jobs away from real Americans.

2. They will allow employers to pay less to all workers. (supply and demand).

3. The drugs lead to deaths and overdoses and illegal activities and gangs violence.

4. They will undermine our ability to support our own tax payers with schools and hospitals and roads. They are public services that are being abused by non paying immigrants.

5. They may spread COVID to our population.

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The National Minimum Wage...

The mantra we hear from the left is everyone deserves to have a "living wage". Sounds so profound except it is not true. We all don't have to have a living wage. I certainly did not have one when I was a teenager working at my various entry jobs. My parents paid for my housing and food and education. My salary was to help with pocket money and help me learn a skill and help me learn about money and how to manage money. Those skills have prepared me for the real world, get an education and joining society with a real job that paid well enough so I could start a family and buy a house...

An entry level job is not meant to be a "living wage".

How does this hurt all Americans?

1. Instead of creating jobs, these minimum wage limits set at the federal level undermine job creation.

2. It leads to higher costs for small businesses and those that are in the service industry.

3. It may leads to automation which replaces human labor with machines.

4. It does not work because we have 50 states, and one size does not fit all 50 states.

5. It is inflationary because it is forcing a pay scale on unskilled workers which then elevates the pay up the chain.

The Green New Deal

This is one of those feel good ideas that will have little effect on climate while bankrupting our country and hurt the little people. Stopping the construction of the Keystone pipeline not only killed jobs, but lead to higher energy cost and does nothing to slow climate change. In fact, it will make it less safe to transport the crude oil by rail or by truck. The pipe line is the most efficient way and safest way to move oil.

Here is how it will hurt all of us if the Green New Deal goes through.

  • Higher gas and heating oil prices.
  • Higher electric bills.
  • More expensive automobiles including EV...
  • Lost of energy jobs...more jobs for China...who makes solar panels and batteries.

Meanwhile, it will do very little against climate change. The biggest polluters are China and India and they are not following suit with a Green New Deal of their own.

Universal Healthcare

Democrats and progressives believe healthcare is a basic human right. Free healthcare should be the norm. Except, it is not really free. Someone pays for it somehow. Doctors and nurses don't work for free. Medicine and expensive diagnostic machines are not free. It is a question of who pays.

The concept of a universal healthcare or single payer healthcare system is a good one and have been implemented successfully by a few countries around the world. The island of Taiwan is a good example. Everyone pay into the system from the day they are born and they are taken care of till the day they die.

However, for a country as large as the US, with 330 million people, it is not easy. It would have to be phased in over a long period.

Progressives don't have patience. They want it now and they want the rich and the large "evil" corporations to pay for it. What they will end up is a system like the VA. It is a form of universal healthcare for our veterans. Long lines, and restricted access to doctors and specialists and lower quality care will be the natural result. Where there is no competition, or accountability, bad things usually follows.

Deficit Spending...

This is all encompassing category, including the huge stimulus bills in the after math of the pandemic. There is also forgiveness of student debt, postponement of student loan payments. Extending unemployment benefits and suspension of eviction of renters for not paying rent. A huge 1 trillion infrastructure bill. It is like Christmas everyday of the year.

What is the harm you ask? Isn't this a good compassionate thing to help those impacted by covid and the poor and the needy?

Not really. The long term results are just the opposite. It will hurt the very people at the bottom of the economic rung. These deficit spending adds to our government debt. In addition, they are inflationary. In a short time, the inflation rate will rise and affect everything we buy, from gas to food to commodities to housing.

These people are living paycheck to paycheck as it is. An inflation rate of 5-10% will be devastating. Their pay raises are no match for the evil of the hidden tax.

Some of the Free Stuff...



Progressives have good intentions. However, they lack business savvy and common sense. Their proposals will not have the positive results they seek and in many cases just the opposite. I have outlined a few of them to demonstrate how it can hurt all of us. For some real solutions, check out my article on climate change solutions in the link below.


The things that happened over the past 8 months were predicted by many on the conservative side. We warned the American people and it came with no surprise. When you vote for the modern democratic party, you will get these extreme results.

Some independents will make excuses. They would say, we didn't know how radical they were going to be. Alternatively, they would say it was going to happen regardless which party got into power. They believe economics are part of a cycle that always have ups and downs.

The last thing Democrats will say is we had the right ideas but they were poorly implemented. This excuse does not fly.

The truth is, policies have real consequences. When the wrong policies are put into motion, bad things will happen.

Economics does have cycles. But those cycles can be minimized or they can be super charged. The current economic policies of stimulus and deficits can only lead to long term inflation and malaise.

Elections have consequences and we are seeing it played out in real time.

Prediction Going Forward...

It is possible that we may end up with a totally different outcome 10 years from now.

Assume we follow the progressive agenda without abatement. They were able to convince enough Americans to vote for them and keep them in office. They will complete implementing their agendas over the next decade.

We could end up with a brand new world.

A world where we find the following:

  • A world without police...
  • A world with everyone equal in every way
  • A world where hunger is no more
  • A world where everyone is healthy and well cared for
  • A world where everyone has a "living wage"
  • A world where climate change is no more
  • A world perfect in every Mary Poppins say.

If that day comes, I will gladly admit my errors. I will rejoice in the utopian world.

I will be happy to join the progressive party.


I could be right all along. What would you do? I mean what would progressives do in that case?

Will they be equally apologetic or gracious?

I wonder.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2021 Jack Lee

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