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Why I love to write and why you should too

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I have always loved to write. Even if I didn't realize it as a child, I remember gravitating toward that writing club in 4th grade and how I loved writing stories, savoring how words flowed effortlessly from my pencil to unravel a tale no one has ever heard before. It was not until middle school that I discovered my love of writing after winning a poetry contest and weaving crazy stories under an insane English teacher (and yes, she was literally insane...completely crazy). At first I wrote only stories. Some were short stories, but many were the first pages of novels I dreamed would once be sold on store shelves around the world... before I soon discarded them in response to that nagging voice in my subconsciousness, saying that no one would read this and began again. This is the first step in being able to write successfully. Don't be afraid to take risks, and most of all, have confidence in your work. To be a good writer you have to learn to forget that voice, forget what other people might think of your work, and just write freely. The other day I was reading some of my many story beginnings and I realized many were actually really good. Now, I wish I had continued these stories and finished them. Also, you should have at least an idea of where you're going with your story or essay. This way you won't end up rambling or focusing too much on trivial details.

I love writing for so many reasons. I love the way my pen hits the paper. I love how I can express myself and my beliefs without actually saying them outright. I love describing characters and settings, forming them into something you can see and feel. I love developing these characters into real people with feelings and emotions. I love creating a world that you can envision, that you can breathe in, that you can live in through the words. I love the way the words come together when I write, how they can flow effortlessly, and how they can submerse me. I love my many failures because without them, I would never have advanced further as a writer and some of these failures still contains an amazing sentence or phrase that I'm able to incorporate in my other work. I love how writing forces me to focus everything I have on it, giving me a hobby, along with something I can do to just escape real life for a fleeting moment and express myself. Writing is my passion and one day, I hope I will be able to publish a novel.

Now, as for poetry, this used to be a hated topic as far as I was concerned. It wasn't until my sophomore year in high school that I understood the joys of poetry. In Honor's English, I was forced to create a poetry portfolio filled with original poems, many of which that had to conform to structures such as villianelles, haikus, tankas, and ballads. Despite myself, I found I actually enjoyed writing these poems. Poetry allows you to express yourself or your beliefs in a short collection of words. Best of all, these words can be literally anything and still be poetry. They can rhyme, or not, follow a structure, be free verse, be funny, serious, sad, uplifting, about life, about death, or even about something like cows. Plus, they're easy to write!

Writing. Some have a gift of it, creating masterpieces while twisting and shaping words with an unnatural ease, but others find writing a difficult task and I have only one piece of advice for you. Write. Don't give up because you will find that if you write regularly and more often your writing will improve on its own. Okay, I lied. Here is my last piece of advice, one you've all probably heard before, but a very true statement. Write about something you care about and even if you are assigned a specific topic for an essay, choose a view or aspect of that topic that you like and would enjoy writing about. If you do, you will find that the words flow much more easily and you will be able to express yourself so much more clearly.



Robert Patterson on June 09, 2012:

Hey everybody! I don't really have a passion for writing stories... but I love playing the piaon and writing my own songs. I like Twilight and I think Stephanie did a wonderful job! I loved how she put immortal (which is me and taylor l.) and human (bella) togehther it made the story wonderful. Kepp up the work Steph.!

misty rain on May 24, 2012:

i love writing stories. I do, really. It's like my life will n0t be coMplete w/o it..

amanda perez on December 01, 2011:

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i'm bree and i writer

cateyez04 from south africa on September 04, 2010:

Thnx sara..think i should start putting pen to paper.

Daniel J. Neumann from Harrisburg, Pa on August 13, 2010:

Always glad to hear a fellow enthusiast of the craft/art.

Sara555 (author) on July 12, 2010:

Thanks you guys! :) And I agree, writing can take up a lot of your time

Martie Coetser from South Africa on July 11, 2010:

I agree with you, Sara, though I must add – it is a time-consuming hobby and a passionate writer HATES to be interrupted, in other words his/her family don’t get the attention they need/deserve. As a profession it is H A R D work! 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.

Fluffymetal from Houston, Texas on July 10, 2010:

Great hub! Keep it up!

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