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Why I Have a Patreon Account

Some of you may remember me. True, I haven’t been around much of late, but hopefully the ten years I haunted the HP walls will have etched my memory onto the HP corridor walls.

I haven’t been around simply because my writing career, my artistic career, has taken me in another direction. I now concentrate on a website my wife and I started, As We Wonder, and my time and efforts are now spent making videos and writing content for that site and our YouTube studio.

our website logo

our website logo

Perhaps a little background will help

My wife will be taking early-retirement in December of this year. I am already retired. We both have a desire to experience life at its fullest, to loudly go forth and find out what life has to offer. Thus, the website, As We Wonder. We are going to chronicle our adventures, in writing and through videos, and we invite others to join us, to experience that absolute joy and wonder of the world, through our eyes and the camera lens.

My wife will be backpacking the Pacific Crest Trail in March, 2023, a 2,650-mile hike from Mexico to Canada, and I will follow along, editing her videos, and sharing them with our followers. After that we plan on crisscrossing this country, meeting people, one handshake at a time, visiting small towns, getting to know our nation, up close and personal, and we will film all of that as well.

Getting ready for a training hike

Getting ready for a training hike

Why create that content?

Well, it certainly won’t be to get rich. If my days at HP taught me one thing, it’s that very few people make substantial money creating content. Of course, there are the occasional YouTube success stories, people pulling in a few-thousand each month, but those are the exceptions to the rule. For every success story on YouTube, there are literally tens-of-thousands of schmucks like me making next to nothing.

And, that’s fine with me. I create content because I love to create content. I love sharing my thoughts with others. And, on our new website, I will love creating positive, upbeat, interesting content for our followers. I am dead tired of the negativity found on the news daily. I’m tired of the sensationalism and the sarcasm and the selling of America no matter the price. I want to be known, during my YouTube career, as someone who simply wanted to produce uplifting content for a select group of discerning followers, people who believe as I do, that life is wonderful and people are much nicer than it may appear on network television.

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Our transportation on the road

Our transportation on the road

The harsh reality

The only drawback to any of this is that, in order to create outstanding videos, a certain amount of money is needed. Good cameras cost money. Good equipment in general costs money. There are apps needed, there are programs needed for good editing . . . of course, I could take the cheap way out and produce substandard content, but that’s just not my way. It’s go big or go home, always my mantra when taking on a challenge like this.

And, so, my wife and I started a Patreon account, a crowdfunding account where our followers and supporters can pledge a small amount, monthly, to help us pay for the expenses of quality content. For as little as $3 per month, someone can become one of our Patreon supporters, an AWW Team Member.

How do I feel about asking people to pay money to support me? Pretty good, truth be told. I created thousands of individual pieces of content on HP for practically nothing. The best month I ever had on HP was $115, hardly get-rich pay. I helped other writers, behind the scenes, for years for no pay, just one writer helping other writers. So now, when I have an opportunity to make a little money to defray costs, I am going to suck it up and accept the help, freely-given I might add.

And that is why we have a Patreon account!

Thanks for reading.

2023 William D. Holland

As We Wonder

“Meeting America One Handshake At A Time”

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