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Why I Believe This Election Was Tainted

Jack is retired. Before retiring, he worked at IBM for over 28 years. His articles have over 120,000 views.



The election of 2020 is pretty much decided. Trump has lost and Biden declared the winner. On the surface, it seems a fair and well executed election process. It took a few weeks to sort out but at the end, the majority voted and a winner declared. In fact, it was one of the highest turn out in election history and in any other times, that would be a very good thing. Not this year and here is why.

- Nov. 2020


Over 161 million people voted which is a 66.8% participation rate. That is great news except for voting irregularities and a few other factors. Before the election, my prediction was that Trump would carry 40 electoral states majority to win. It did not turn out that way. Here is where it went off the track. The factors are a few and they were known since 2016.

  • Media bias
  • Social media influence
  • Search engine manipulation
  • Electronic voting machine
  • Polling manipulation
  • Deep State influence

The pandemic of the COVID-19 virus created a new problem for voting. People were scared to vote in person and many were persuaded to use mail-in ballots instead. The combination of these factors lead to the defeat of Trump.


There are two things going on here in parallel. There is the American public and there is a conspiracy of sorts including the deep state, the media, social media and others which works in concert to sway public opinion.

By most estimates, the American public is broken down in the following general groups 40% conservatives, 30% liberal and 30% moderate. In any election, without any other factors, there would be a 55% vs. 45% decision assuming the moderates are divided equally. That is a 10 point advantage for conservatives or traditional thinking. It is also estimated that the media can influence public opinion by 2-4%. Social media also 2-4% and search engine bias also 2-3%.

If you combine the efforts of all three, you are looking at 6-10% sway. The reality is, even though the American public tends to lean right, with the help of these media groups, they end up leaning slightly left. Instead of a 55/45 split, you end up with a 49/51 split which is essentially dead even, with a 2% error rate.

These are not my opinion. Studies have been conducted and these were the estimates of the percent of influence within a margin of error.

Main Stream Media Bias

The term "media bias" takes on many forms. Not everyone accept it especially the people who work in media. They think they are just doing their job. From my perspective, and most conservatives, it is so obvious that I am surprised by the push back. This has been going on for decades and perhaps even at the start of TV news and print media. It is just that they were hidden and only appears in the editorial section. However, in recent decades, it is out in the open. There is no pretense of objectivity. In newspapers, we see editorial opinion, blended into news stories. On TV, we see selective reporting and fake news. By not covering a story, they are affecting public opinion. By creating some news, they are no longer just reporting on the news but they became part of the story.

Social Media Censorship

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are three dominant social media sites. Many young people get their news from them more so from traditional media sources. This past election cycle, we have seem an effort by these sites to censor conservative opinions and to block damaging news against the Democrats. Indirectly, the news is being tainted and mis-characterized by these sites. Whether done on purpose or as a result of policies that were aimed at curtailing hate speech, never the less has a chilling effect on our first Amendment rights of free speech.

These platforms are being used to censor speech and not just any speech but only certain type of speech, in most cases "conservative" leaning speech.

Search Engine Manipulation

This is another aspects that cannot be overlooked. After the surprise 2016 election result of Trump winning over Clinton, you have senior executives at Google crying on video and vowing not to let that happen again. This was taped and released at an internal conference of employees, What can they do? Here are some simple things such as limit the search results. They can provide restrictions on autocomplete.

Google Executive Reaction to 2016 Election Result

Electronic Voting Machines

These systems are not infallible. It is like a lock and key. Any lock can be picked and any safe can be compromised. Once you understand that principle, you need to design systems that will prevent any attempt to compromise the results. These may take the form of audits, and code inspections and rigorous process of maintaining system integrity. Unfortunately, we don't seem to have that in some of the States, especially these swing States where the election tends to be close. A small change of a few thousand votes can mean the difference between winning and losing.

Polling Manipulations

Prior to this election, we have many polling outfits projecting for a landslide victory for Biden. This is despite evidence of large turnout for Trump rallies and huge enthusiasm from Trump supporters. Why is that? How can these polling organizations get it so wrong? Not just one or two but most of them got it so wrong.

One possibility is voting manipulation. They want to convince the public that it is so lopsided that they should not bother to vote on election day.

Deep State

The deep state is not a conspiracy theory despite the claim of many on the Democrat side that it does not exist. This is a consortium of people in government who were not elected but political appointees, They like to think themselves as the gate keeper. No one outside of government had a right to examine or question what they do. They are "good" civil servants that are keeping an eye on getting the job done. Anyone who gets in, without kissing their ring so to speak cannot be trusted with power. This deep state has been working against Trump since day one. They are Obama holdovers and some Republicans who were never Trumpers. They are part of the problem and not the solutions.

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Mail-in Balloting

This is a red herring. Mail-in balloting is fine when done in small numbers. It was designed to help people who have medical conditions or are traveling and who are serving in the military. It was made possible to allow these people to participate in voting on election day.

The problem is logistics. If the number of mail-in ballots are small, they are manageable. If they are large, then it becomes hard to manage and insure integrity.

Traditional voting on election day in person is the easiest and sure way to avoid any fraud. This makes sure only one person voted in that name/address and a signature verifies the person voting is who he say he is.

Once you allow for mail-in balloting, you need make sure the ballot is tracked from start to finish which may go through countless handling and every step is open to potential abuse. Some of it may not even been intentional but due to logistics.

When the mail-in ballots are small in number, and the election is not close, then it matters little. However, when the election is close, and there are large numbers of mail-in ballots, that is where fraud and abuse can happen. This is not conjecture but has happened in the past and will happen again as long as there are activist people who run them.


The election is over but the debate continues. We still have a very divided country. About half of our country have very different ideas about how our government should be conducted. By the election results based on Congressional districts, it appears to break down by cities vs. suburban and rural areas. Large cities in most ly blue states are leaning Democratic while Smaller cities, suburbs and rural areas lean Republican.

Large city residence want more government subsidies while rural areas want less government intrusion into our daily lives. These differences are perfectly understandable. However, what is not understandable is the acceptance of media bias. The media has always been a watchdog for people in power. They may have personal opinions that are liberal leaning but when it comes to reporting on the news, they should be fair and honest and act in a way that is beneficial to society as a whole. There main job is to be the eyes and ears for the public. They report on our elected officials and make sure they are following our laws and not abusing their power for personal gains. In the days of Watergate, that was the case. Not anymore. Today, the media has taken on a new role of cheering for one party while attacking the other. This is not good for our democracy. I would hold the same opinion even if the media was biased for conservatives instead of against.

This election was an anomaly. Hopefully, we will fix the problems going forward. These problems are distorting the election process. We want fair elections and that includes fair coverage by the media and social media and the internet.


Imagine if we had a more perfect system. One without the bias and manipulations of these groups. If people would vote based on what happened last four years.

The Trump administration has brought the following:

  • Record low unemployment across the board in all demographic groups
  • lower taxes
  • Return of manufacturing to the homeland
  • energy independence and net export of gas and oil
  • Record high in the stock market performance, gain of over 70% of S&P in 4 years
  • Fastest development of vaccines to deal with COVID-19 virus
  • Improved trade deals with out neighbors and China
  • Better peace deals in the MiddleEast.
  • More contribution of our European allies to NATO
  • Reforms in prisons and incarceration due to drug use.
  • Building of over 300 miles of fence on our southern borders.

These are real accomplishments many past administration could only dream of. Yet, instead of being re-elected for a second term as a reward, we are asked to believe that Biden, running from his basement, and drawing no crowds and no enthusiasm, is the winner of this election by 80 million of votes. Does that make sense?

Performance of Dow, Nasdaq and S&P Index (2015-2020)


What Does It Mean in Real Terms?

In economic terms, a rise of the stock market index translate into real dollar gains and wealth. For example, most people are invested in the market one way or another. Either through 401K retirement or through investment funds or mutual funds. The index is an average of the market. So a rise of 70% of the S&P index over 4 years means a real gain in net worth of 70%. For someone in retirement, that is like getting a raise of 18% per year.

If you have $100,000 saved and invested in a brokerage account in 2017, you would have $170,000 at the end of the 4 years of the Trump administration. This is an amazing return for any administration.

Example of Censorship by Amazon Books - Nov. 2020

This is an example of censorship right out of 1984 George Orwell's book. Alex Berenson wrote a series of book on COVD-19 and they were blocked by Amazon at first. No reason were given but after some push back, they were reinstated. This story was reported by Maria Bartiromo on her show Morning with Maria on the Fox Business Network. The question is, why was this censored? and if this was happening here, what other books are being censored by the largest retailer in the world?

How does this affect elections? It is no secret Jeff Bezos is not a fan of Trump. All you need to do is connect the dots. Jeff Bezos also owned The Washington Post.


The First of a Series of Three Books by Alex Berenson

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Jack Lee


Mike Russo from Placentia California on December 02, 2020:

Jack: It's not what I say about them. it's what the courts say about them. If they can produce the evidence, then a legal process can proceed. Without real evidence, it is just Trump's people playing to his fantasy.

Jack Lee (author) from Yorktown NY on December 02, 2020:

I hate to burst your bubble but what do you say to those hundreds of poll watchers who filed affidavits about misconducts which they witnessed first hand?

Mike Russo from Placentia California on December 02, 2020:

Jack: So if Trump would have won, all of this would not have mattered, right? Biden not only won the popular vote, he won the electoral college votes as well. You are right about the division between rural and cities. There are less population in rural areas than cities, the electoral college favors more population not less.

Even though Trump got 72 million of the popular vote, it was not enough to overtake Biden. Trump made the mistake of playing to his base. Biden played to everybody.

As far as the media goes, I believe Fox News is about as biased as it can be. Hannity, Limbaugh, Lavine, Carlson, and Ingram are extremely biased and have a huge audience. They create all kinds of conspiracy theories that Trump loves to run with and his base eats it up. The deep state is one they love to use, when there is absolutely no proof. Trump started with the Obama conspiracy theory and now he is leaving with the voter fraud conspiracy theory.

Trump has filed 39 claims about voter fraud and they were all thrown out of court by various states because there was no substantial proof to support those claims. Even Barr now says that.

The irony of Trump is that he likes to play to people's fantasies. And now he has his people playing to his fantasies about voter fraud. He takes it and runs with it. He has fired many people because they don't play to his fantasies. He fired the head of Cyber Security just because he wouldn't buy into Trump's fantasies.

I think you have blinders on Jack, just because Trump didn't win and you like to support conservativism no matter what form it takes on. By the way, I hate being called a liberal. I prefer being called a progressive. Even some conservative are liberal when it comes to money and morality, Trump being one of them.

T on November 30, 2020:

Jack why do you even address someone (Kelley) who obviously only listens to mainstream media and has no clue as to the truth and the abundance of evidence being presented much of which no one is publicly privy to.

The main stream media who for four years (and still) claims Trump colluded with Russia even though after 10s of millions spent on investigating it found NOTHING yet insists Trump is pushing a conspiracy theory of election fraud.

Waste your time Jack on someone with gray matter between their ears!

Jack Lee (author) from Yorktown NY on November 30, 2020:

Kelley, With all due respect, what proof are you seeking?

That is what courts are suppose to do. You present evidence and a judge or jury decides on the merits.

In many cases, that is not happening. We have the guy in charge Chris Krebs who decided there was no fraud even without reviewing all the evidence or wait till some of these cases reach the court.

With these people in our government, I have little confidence we will ever get to the bottom of this.

Eric Dierker from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on November 30, 2020:

I just lay down my partisan ways. And I try to look at this as a voting observer. Wow! Somethings sure went wrong. I do not know the outcome of such but it sure is a problem.

Readmikenow on November 30, 2020:


You have made some valid points.

A new Rasmussen poll revealed that approximately 30 percent of Democrats believe the Democrats cheated to win the election. This speaks volumes.

The Democrats are determined to turn the US into a third world nation. It's a mess.

Kelley Marks from Sacramento, California on November 30, 2020:

There's no evidence supporting voter fraud. Period. Show the proof or shut up, please!... Peace out!...

manatita44 from london on November 30, 2020:

Interesting and thought-provoking piece.

I put my hands up in surrender and say I don't know, yet it puzzled me that just two days after the election and continuing, so many people in influential places, are reading and saying selective influential things, ALL against the current President.

I find it strange, that's all. So yes, I will or have commented on what seemed to be bias, but I do not know about anything else. Victory to a better America, whoever is in charge. Peace.

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