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Why Hubpages Is the Most Elegant Website for Articles

HubPages is the best website for articles

HubPages is the best website for articles


People want brief and worthy descriptions of any matter to know the world well. Articles are the path to gain more knowledge about something. Obviously, these should be correct and meaningful. There are many websites nowadays to read about a particular matter or subject to gather knowledge about it. HubPages is one of those websites. According to my opinion, Hubpages is the most elegant website to read something which we want to know about.

I searched a platform before attaching myself to this website. After being a writer of this site, I can feel self-confidence in myself. The topics which make this website more attractive are-

  • Easy to use,
  • Correct pieces of information,
  • Many categories to read,
  • Earning system (for writers)
  • contains videos and images related to articles

Easy to use

Internet is accessible all over the world. So, we can read anything which we want to gather knowledge about. The steps to open and use HubPages are very easy. These steps are noted here-

  • Make sure that your device (Phone, Laptop, Desktop, Tablet, etc.) is in connection with the internet.
  • Then open your browser and search HubPages (or hubpages.com). Then you can see the official site of this website.
  • If you are a reader only, you can search for any articles you want to read. And if you want to write articles, then you have to sign up. when you sign up, then sign in and make an account of yourself.
  • Then write your first article. After some Quality Assessment Process (QAP), your article will be published.
  • After that, you can log here in easily forever.

According to me as a writer of HubPages, it is the best platform to build our characteristics and make us confident.

Correct pieces of information

There are many websites on the internet to search about any particular matter. Sometimes we get confused about which the best website is to search for this matter. All the websites are good but some of them do not contain correct pieces of information all the time. But in the HubPages network articles pass through some Quality Assessment Process (QAP). So, no violation or false information is allowed here. So, all the readers can feel free when reading here.


Many categories are here to write and read

Knowledge is infinite. There are many categories here to gather knowledge. And all of the categories contain many articles which one can read. The categories are- Arts, Design, Science, Politics, Health, Law, Current affairs, Entertainment, Business, Sports, Tech and many topics. One can know about many things about the whole world.

Articles contain related and attractive videos and images

Pictures and videos make something easy and friendly to understand. Not only the website gathers a lot of articles but it also shows images and videos related to this. The videos and images (the various capsules hold the pictures and videos) are submitted by the authors at the time of editing the article. This makes the website more attractive and elegant to the readers

Writers have the ultimate right to show their expertise

Sometimes, the author's mentality and views of point are very important for some articles. This gives an ultimate direction and makes it attractive to the readers. The ultimate right to write something is in the hands of the writers. They can express their words through the articles of this website. Though the articles pass through QAP, we can stay clear that the facts of the articles are fully made by the authors.

Earning system

After publishing 10 articles (approximately) the writers get earned from this website for their articles. And the system is so easy and friendly to use. This feature makes this website more attractive to new writers.


After studying many websites and places of articles, we can declare that HubPages is the best and most elegant website for readers and writers also.

© 2021 Sovan Das

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