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Why Forbidden Love?

Why you didn't come yesterday?

Today I am not free same as you

I am bandage from engagement

and you are bandage of marriage.

Why we didn't meet each other when we we're free?

May be we are free to do what we want

We do and happy in our part

unlike today, we were happy only from the start.

We sacrifice and fight against our feelings.

We fall in love each other, but then it's called forbidden

Because you and I had respective partner.

Our mysterious feelings of love never happen

Why it happened to us?

We love each other so much.

Our love are pure.

Who said we were not secured?

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May be it's not, because we can call it,

"forbidden love".

Somebody can condemn us

Like from the start we've met

We are not meant to be

We are bandage from our yesterday

Even though you look at me cannot be

We are not both free.

Your hug and kisses

Your soft touch from your finger tips,

Even your smile and sweetness

still in my memories.

As you walk slowly far from me

Our teary eyes with soundless cry in our heat

I look at you from a distance.

Thinking in a million times

Our love is forbidden all the time.

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