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Why Election Fraud Is Good for You


We are not saying that elections are fraudulent.

What we are saying is that election fraud is a good thing for you.

First reason is because the school system doesn't actually teach you about current civics. You don't learn about the constitution in school or how the government works. This is done purposely so that way you don't understand what you're voting for. Another important part of your school education is to make sure that you do not think critically. If a person was to think critically then they couldn't have ideas force-fed to them and have them simply just believe it because of the person who said it to them.

He's smarter than you because he's on TV and you're not

He's smarter than you because he's on TV and you're not

By doing this the mainstream media becomes the opinion leader of the masses. It's very simple if someone's on TV that means they're smarter than you and if they're smarter than you then you have to listen to what they say.

Because of your poor education from going to school in America you now have an inability to think rationally and for yourself because of that you can't make very good decisions you cannot be trusted to do you like fairly and intelligently. Stupid people should not be voting.


Trust them because

With such resources like YouTube and Facebook to take down any kind of factual information and to hide truth from you in order to get you to think a certain way will ensure that you vote the way they want you to vote. But remember this and intelligent person is harder to brainwash because they can think critically and solve problems faster than those who are not as intelligent.

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Imagine if those critical thinkers were given the right to let their votes count! It would be crazy because they would be voting in opposite of the way you should be voting according to those who manipulate the educational system to get you to vote for them. This would be opposing the the secret agenda you control America and Americans and to strip them of their freedoms.

Talking about stripping a person of their freedoms may sound like a bad thing but in reality freedom is what causes all the horrible things in the world. Everything from murder, successful entrepreneurs, innovation, technology, free speech, religious zealots and other evils, there isn't anything good that's ever come from freedom.

© 2021 Joe Lustica

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