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Why Edit or Revise Your Written Work (Advantages and Disadvantages)

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Writing is quite challenging. Because apart from requiring a lot of time to create one, it also demands a lot of effort. If you like perfecting every part of your story or sentences in your written works, you’ll understand if I say it costs sweat, blood, and tears.

Oh, well. Maybe you already guessed it. It underlies personal experiences. Other authors or writers say to keep on creating is more important because they have a point. There are these people who are called editors! And you know, to keep on creating means to keep on making money for them! So, if you want to keep creating and you can pay for an Editor, you certainly have a choice to take that path. First and most, you will benefit a lot from it. So, why not? But in my case, because I love writing and learning in writing very much, the opposite is my pick, and it’s a whole different story for me.

My motivation and determination in editing, revising, or rewriting are not because of something like perfecting all my works. I was not even trying to do that. Everybody knows that there is no such thing as perfect. My main goal is to learn and practice while I do those things. I aim to get better at doing what I love.

I believe doing those things enhance my talent in writing because I learn through the process. Consistently writing is also a method to improve someone's skills in writing, but I chose to do both because it offers more learning. I prefer to learn the hard way. Experiencing those improves comprehension, knowledge, writing style, and overall skills and talent. It's the best method of learning for me, experiencing things.

I wanted to be proud of myself, knowing that creating is not what I do alone. I can also do other things around it, editing and polishing my work.

Learning and experiencing things around the industry are also required to be the best author or writer you can be and can contribute enormously to being a professional in the industry. Maybe, I will only stop doing this if I don’t have time to do it already and that is when creating more is more vital than anything.

In this way, you can also read and judge your work. You will have a chance to give some feedback to yourself. You will get an idea of how well or poorly you write over time. You'll be blind to see a space for improvements you need to get if you read what you wrote now. I recommend you keep reading your work to improve your writing ability. For sure, there are many ways to improve your writing skills. This one is one of those ways I know and tested to work well.

You would see the improvement vaguely at the beginning, but it will surely be worth it.

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Firstly, I will tell you about the disadvantages since it has to be bad news before moving to the good news part. I was kidding!




  • It requires a generous amount of time. It might slow you down to create more if you focus on these things a lot. You will need time management and self-discipline to be able to balance things.


  • If you aim for rapid financial growth or have such a goal related to finances, doing these might hinder you from your goals. The correct management and manipulation of your time and lifestyle are necessary to ensure that your goal is not out of sight. If you are confident that it won't inhibit you from your financial growth goal, it will unquestionably test how wisely you are in working in this field.



  • Revising and editing are also skills. You will learn the skills and learn to practice them. It can use to gain a job opportunity somewhere in the industry. Keeping learning and experiencing things about the field will train you to be an expert in your profession and the industry. It can lead you to a better position in the industry, especially if you are someone who has an objective to be a coach. Gaining skills are getting more advantages. Learning to develop skills are getting more edge.


  • Of course, better reviews from your readers. Polishing your written work before it gets to read by your readers makes it a lot more prepared and looks more professional. But if you have an editor, you won't have any problem with that. But if you are someone like me who wants to see everything that's happening in your work, like looking after any changes that occur in it, then learning to do these things are for you. This way, you will see how the magic brushed your works, the process, and the progress.

It’s good practice to improve your skill in constructing better words and structuring finer descriptions. It can improve your overall skills in writing.

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