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Who Said Things Unheard

I have something to say

I have something to say but to whom should I tell who is my own .

Was my own but my mistake is now far away .

I can't forget them,but even if I want to,I can't go near.

The relationship for which everyone forgot,no one cares about me.

I have a lot to say my mind is very restless but to whom should I speak my mind?

For the first time in my life,the relationship I wanted was very wrong.

Life's first mistake maybe the last mistake now I can't believe it.

Now it all seems like a hoax, no one is now hanging in a trap.

I have committed a crime I should be punished as well and that too there is no such thing.

No,my mind has become disturbed on such a feeling which has no cross.

The mind has become uncontrollable now it is running fast,its limit is no longer.

When you are not yours then there is a feeling of heart but there is no shortage of selfish people in this world.

Those who have relationships do not appreciate them,even when they are gone,they will not realize.

Because these people might be like a stone without realizing it without anyone's self.

A big mistake has been made,but such a big punishment is not given that I yearn to say anything.

I am very sad,I can not speak,Now I am silent but I am very sad.

Talks are limited,but those who listen are limited and they also don't listen.

Where should I open my store of words and speak my heart out of them.

Things are not easy the one who listens to him should also be close to the one who understands the pain.

It is not easy to forget everything,forget everything.

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If it was easy to forget,then maybe there would be no complaint in life.

Those who are distant and strangers are forgotten,what can be learned from them.

There is no one now,so much to say,but when there is a listener, then do not talk.

There is a problem in life but there is no solution for everyone.

Live is not given up,has to face the complexity of life.

I have to say a lot,but people listen to their sayings,not anyone but this is true in all.

Intoxication is not known to everyone,why do people not believe in themselves.

Listening to things is also an art,it is not done to everyone.

The one who knows the condition of the heart is close to the heart and is very own.

He is not the king,but he is the one who listens.

Even if there is a stranger who listens to the heart even if there is no relationship the heart is at peace.

Those who are appreciate people and other things do not have a secret on their hearts.

Listening to say is beyond relationship,where the things found stop,that is happiness.

How many should be removed in the desire of loved one's,then even if they are said, then incomplete things.

Don't hurt,others just keep it close enough that you don't get more than your loved ones.

There is no time for your loved ones, there is no sorrow,o lakhs of people who listen,then start talking.

There is no purpose to laugh,just don't stay in your tongue.

Should not be closed like a book,one should read openly,one should listen.

There is a lot of sorrow that you have left, but you also need someone to forget your sorrow.

Change your self believe it is not easy but it is not so difficult either.

© 2021 Sultanakhan

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